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Lovely Morodan



Every year, close to the end of the summer mas o menos, I pay  the seasonal visit to my aunt. She’s a little old lady and like all the little old ladies, she’s quite a character. Last year I bought her a plant, now she said that she feels that she will die soon so I should bring her roses! Powery pink roses. Okayyy.


Morodan the Countess .

I’ve been terribly mesmerized by these ear cuffs this season – evidence one evidence two and this one you see below, which is making my ear feel on fire and me look like a Lord of the Rings elf.


Anette de Morodanette

Close up on the Countess

Close up Details

Morodan and her beautiful roses

Close up

anamorodan com

Le Lady is habing funI am wearing thigh-high boots, bag & jacket all from H&M A/W 2013 Collection. You can shop the collection in stores starting with the 5th of September

© Serban Cristea



 .It would be awesome if you guys could visit her too – not a realistic goal, she actually hates people – the perks of being old – but since you can’t I’m gonna make you a summary about what we will talk about.

  • most probably she will love my boots – she was quite a chic chick in her days
  • she will speak about politics and about how politicians rob our country while keeping us busy and lying us with the television
  • she will ask me if I still serve my guests with tea and confiture because that is the polite, educated and refined kind of serving your guests
  • I will receive a small piece of  jewelry from her, she gives me one at every visit
  • we will probably discuss about sex and about how much she misses it – yep, this is just the kind of person she is – a libertine soul 4 eva
  • she will ask me if I am still in a relationship with that amazing gentleman she saw last year – my answer will be Yes



Ana's Lifestyle Pill


Make sure you build small moments of joy for the people you care about. And also, listen to my aunt’s advice! The tea and confiture one!

All in all, CREATE ADVENTURES FOR YOURSELF and do that everyday! It will do you wonders for your state of mind!





 .Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is

Anette de Morodanette

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  1. Mariaa says:

    Frumos din partea ta ca-i faci din cand in cand cate-o vizita si ca reusesti sa o surprinzi cu cate-o floare 😀 Sunt convinsa ca e mandra de tine! P.s : Cum ce program ai reusit prima imagine sa o editezi sa para in miscare? Kisses

  2. Anaivilo says:

    Your aunt sounds fun indeed and oh my, I love your boots too! Great jacket too 😉

  3. Les Amis Glamorous says:

    OH! how galmourous! love the outfit & aunt story!

  4. Tomescu Iulia says:

    wow! that jacket is stunning <3

  5. Ileana says:

    roses…autumn..tea and confiture…LOVE

  6. Alexandra Bindea Marin says:

    that close portrait of you is wonderful, puts me in a good mood i don’t know why 🙂

  7. July Girl says:

    i adore my aunts, they are so much salt&pepa ! and somehow keep me rooted

  8. JAME LIA says:

    this H&M collection looks verrry temting! tx dear

  9. alinutza says:

    chic and lady like all the way, yes baby #wink

  10. ulma says:

    kisses and love ana! it’s always a positive thing in my day when i visit your blog, love that you enjoy all the little things in life

  11. mary stylish says:

    hi dear! nice to have found your blog! you are doing a cool job here, congrats!

  12. Emanuel I. says:

    Matusa ta e super. Ti-am spus-o si anul trecut, ti-o repet si acum.
    Iar tu, o “pesa de pesa”, superba in colectia asta H&M.
    Te pupacesc, ai grija de picioarele alea lungi.

  13. Raluca says:

    Ana, darling you look divine!!! ❤❤❤

  14. Dhanya says:

    5 ore. Au trecut 5 ore de cand tot citesc. Nu te-am descoperit azi, te stiu de ani. Dinainte de Bucuresti. In seara asta planuisem sa lenevesc cu o cutie de Raffaello in brate si sa ma uit la Suits, dar am ajuns aici si n-am mai putut sa plec. Bravo pentru…tot. Bravo pentru ca ai decis sa traiesti frumos si ca-i inspiri si pe altii sa o faca. Eu inchid acum blogul cu senzatia ca pot misca muntii. “Muntii” mei. 🙂

  15. sasha says:

    Ear cuffs are a trend at the moment.
    Posturile de genul asta sunt preferatele mele si motivul pentru care am inceput sa te citesc. Mi-as dori sa fie mai dese. 🙂

  16. Soos Cristina says:

    Matusa ta e super cool :))
    & U amazing like always :*

    Pupici :*:*

  17. Andreea Voicu says:

    Ana I simply adore those boots! They look more than gorgeous! I wish I had an aunt like yours 😀 She seems really fun. Have a great week!

  18. ana says:

    Buna, ce ruj ai folosit?este♡♡♡

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