April 2016

Hosting Events, Presenting The Smart House, Style Workshops, All in a Weeks Work

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 I had a workshop, a conference where I had to speak, or an event to present and host every day for the past 11 days. Next up, I`ll be hosting the Huawei launch and co-hosting, along with Mazi, the Bourjois event. At first, I panicked a little because I always thought I needed a day […]

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The M Office. A Big Part of the Morodan Team in Action

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Many of you asked me to post more photos with my team. I`ve been planning to show you some of our team building moments from the seaside and a making-of from a shooting where some more of my team members were present (you usually see Claudiu and Antonia because they are at the office with me all […]

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How to Get Ready for a Sensual Summer

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Here`s the thing: it might be the hormones. It might be the sunny weather. I might have overworked or I might have exaggerated with the gin. Who knows? The fact is that I`m really digging this short skirt/ dress high heel trend. Very 90`s chic. Thank God, I still have the legs…not exactly what I`d say […]

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Santa is Coming To Town. Oh, Pardon Me, COS is Coming To Town!

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I am wearing an Cos S/S16 outfit & Mooncast Jewelry rings  Photos taken at Transilvania Guest Houses     Santa is Coming To Town. Oh, Pardon Me, COS is Coming To Town! Which is Actually Better     Stop thinking that! Stoopppp thinking that! I can be anything but I`m not a hypocrite. Everybody can confirm […]

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When Fitz & I Visited Mazilique Studio

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  One sunny Saturday morning, (last Saturday to be more exact, right after coming back from the TwentyFour event I hosted in Constanta) I invited Fitz to come in a little trip.    We visited the All Things Cooking Goddess and my close friend, Mazilique, at her recently inaugurated open kitchen.    After a few glasses of wine, […]

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