October 2012


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Shop this Sunday Somewhere sungalsses on SunglassCurator.com © Serban Cristea In between kidney crisis, when I stupidly thought they had passed, we went on an autumnal picnic. Since I’m an autumn lover this became a tradition through the years. It’s quite romantic and peaceful (yes, I like these kinds of activities too, what did you […]

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CITY RUSH by AVON – Adventure number 1

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The weather!!! Ohh how I love the weather! I’m still a little bit sick but at least I’m suffering dressed in my new Camilla and Marc dress. Now, let me tell you a little about the experience I had last Friday at the event I chose to go and seek some new City Rush faces, […]

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My little kittens, I am forced to interrupt our daily adventures and today’s It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN day on Molecule F.com due to some health problems I was forced to pass through in the last days. The good news is that I’m on the verge of recovering. Or at least I hope so. It […]

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Shop these The Row sunglasses on SunglassCurrator.com © Serban Cristea  . I was brunching with some friends yesterday, discussing that Mircea Cartarescu was on the shortlist for being nominated for the Nobel prize for literature. Although the prizes were several days ago it still amazes me how we tend to mock and not appreciate one […]

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I choose carefully the people whom I let gravitate around m,e in my universe. It’s not because I’m a snob but because my universe in first of all, well, mine! And I treasure it a lot. Cause it’s special (and so you should think about yours) High Street Cardigans is an online journal about modern […]

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