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Beautiful Countess Morodan

Lovely Countess

Morodan looking amazing

Mysterious Morodan

Morodan looking awesomee

SO chic Morodan

Close up on The Countess

Bye Bye

Ana wearing Laura Lazar


Oh but how very Admiral Nelson of meAmiral Nelson de MorodanToday I am wearing an amazing Laura Lazar summer dress and H&M bracelets and ear cuff

© Serban Cristea



Although I would wish it to be, it’s not Autumn yet! But I am not that upset about it because now we’re entering the end of the season period at the seaside. That meaning less people, less noise, less excruciating heat and more quiet, peaceful moments and my kind of time spending.


Thinking about this, I’ve identified some aspects that can make your summer seaside trip much more movie like and unforgettable


  • Always take an easy and fun book with you. Who wants to read dramas at the seaside sipping Mojito? Your summer seaside memories will be closely related to the book you’ll be reading so make sure it’s a positive and fun one
  • BE UNFORGETTABLE – Strive to dress awesome – It will boost your confidence even if you don’t have a Miranda Kerr body
  • Floppy hats are the sexy-est on the beach
  • Make sure you spend this time with people you feel great with not with “nahhh” buddies. Also make time just for yourself
  • Don’t buy tons of souvenirs. Collect memories
  • Get drunk one night and party until morning
  • Eat tons of sea food. A change in your food habits will do you good





5 MINUTE - curs de stil personal cu Ovidiu Buta si Ana Morodan

How about putting together a beach wardrobe?


Sure, it doesn’t mean that you have to put it together in one season but you should have some amazing pieces for your seaside trips.

I said amazing not expensive, so don’t be scared.

Shawls – try to find the ones that are really special, find them in vintage shops or in your grandmother’s wardrobe.

Caftans – the one I am wearing today is amazing! I instantly fell in love with it. I found this at Laura Lazar. You can also make yours if you can’t find them in the stores.

Hats – three or four floppy hats worn in the same vacation will label you as a movie like queen. Believe me!

Beach bags – pick a big one. It has to be a bag that you only use for going to the beach. It does not matter that you wear it several seasons in a row.

Sunglasses & Jewelry –  use them with care – they can get damaged from all those SPF cremes, wet air, water and sand




And smile, smile a lot, a new season is about to begin, prepare yourself to be fascinating!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Nelsonette Morodanette






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  1. sasha says:

    I’m a fan of La Belle Epoque as well.
    Imi place sa revad din cand in cand seria cu Poiroit (David Suchet) pentru intreaga atmosfera.
    Din unele episoade reiese clar ca moda nu s-a prea schimbat radical de atunci, liniile clasice cu nota de eleganta au ramas in mare aceleasi.

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Love the dressssssss & the hat 🙂
    Uhhh nice tips ,I will be beach ready for the next season 😉
    PS : I love you !

  3. Andreea Rudolfson says:

    hey there, love your blog! nice oufit and personal style!

  4. ruxandra says:

    buna! mersi de tips, they are gret to follow, and i love your positive attitude 😉

  5. Style is Fun says:

    gorgeous look for the beach! love the hat, and the last picture is just great <3

  6. lucia del mar says:

    ahhhhh! just wonderful ana! love the bracelets with that outfit

  7. OTI GIRL says:

    hihi 🙂 love your lists about everithing. and nice tips btw!

  8. Style On says:

    bon jour! i adorrrrre this look for the beach, and totally agree with the to do’s! oh yes!

  9. Les Amis Glamorous says:

    hello Ana Nelson ! fun and soooooo chic ! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. Irena says:

    Haha great tips and timing. I’m 1 week away from vacay and I’m so excited.I’ll share with you the titles that I picked for the beach time:
    Emily Post’s Etiquette 17th Edition
    by Peggy Post, The Devil Wears Prada: A novel
    by Lauren Weisberger and Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger. Have a great weekend !

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