December 2016

How #TheMOffice teaches Me to Love Christmas

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Christmas is around the corner and you already know I’m not the biggest fan. It’s the hysteria of shopping, it’s that ‘We have to be kind and think of the people in need‘ obligation that comes up relentlessly on everyone’s lips only around Christmas, when it should be alive in our minds and hearts all year round. […]

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GIN – Morodan Digital Influencers Academy – Glass 5 & 6

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Our last two GIN – Get Influence Now – Morodan Digital Influencers Academy glasses were, first of all: a revelation – Mihai Bocai tested our understanding capacities when it came to online shopping performance marketing strategies & we got some uber cool strategies & storytelling tips & tricks from Mazilique & Super 40‘s Ileana Badiu & Ana […]

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How To Experience China Like a Hedonist Millennial

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As social media proved it, I’ve freshly returned from China. Huawei invited me to visit their headquarters in Beijing, Shenzhen & Shanghai and without any fake pr I can tell you that I was impressed. The Shenzhen headquarter is as big as a city! Nonetheless, you already know that Huawei is one of my love […]

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How I Learned That Gifts Can Be The Most Powerful Treasures

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  Whoever said that after reaching their 30’s almost everything changes in a woman’s mind and actions was no dumb person, I’m telling you.   Until a while ago, I would always ask ‘Tell me what you like or what you need and I’m buying it as a gift for you’. Every gift I made, […]

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Notes on Winning the Blogger in Trend Award at Gala Unica

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Sunt foarte bucuroasa pentru premiul Blogger in Trend pe care l-am primit la prima editie a Galei Unica. Va multumesc voua! Impreuna reusim sa traim in fiecare zi asa cum ne dorim, fara frici, cu paiete, pene, mult gin si fara sa ne luam prea mult in serios! Va multumesc!  Echipei Unica ii multumesc si […]

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