April 2011

Testing obsessions

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Il Passo shoes, thrift dress, H&M cardigan, Vero Moda bag    . You know that most women are madly in love with shoes. I feel the same way…when it comes to statement jewelry.  . Now if I think about it, I actually  own not that many pairs of shoes. I did some research last night […]

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psssstttt…I’m back

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Zara shoes, mom’s skirt(that now is mine! mwhahhhaaaaa, and Adela made it shorter 4 me, we left it without a hem line, do you think it’s cooler like this?), Primark blouse, vintage brooch    . I did some blogging…on my blog. Last year I was all about girlie stuff and pink. Well, because people change, […]

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it’s so cool to have an assistant

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 . I’m looking through some papers, bored, thinking that I want something nice to happen. After 5 minutes my inbox warns me that I have a new mail (great, more reports to go over). But no, it’s a mail from Anca. She tells me about a personal shopping service that was just founded in one […]

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Snobbish Breakfast – When illusions fade dream some more…

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I like to practice my creativity, I do it all the time, in all kinds of little projects that didn’t get to be mentioned here on the blog, because I somehow can’t find the time to do that lately (stop thinking that I’m hectic!), but my dearest creative act was by far my last year’s […]

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INSTAGRAM filtered life

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the perfect bouquet Say “hi” to Tomita (can’t get him out of my apartment) ” I’m so proud of this outfit” Late nights at the office Delia is my bigger sister Snobbish Breakfast 2 Why didn’t you tell me sooner?!?! I think I like you too ! Girlie stuff Some quiet moments after the relocation […]

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