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The casual Countess

Close up Ana

Close up to Ana's accessories

Our Master of Personal Style

Thank God I found them

The Perfect Cool Shoes


There are doors and then there’s this

There are doors and there is this

I am wearing Nike Free Run 5.0, Snobbish Breakfast dress and The Beige Parisian Bag from Cathias Edeline by Ana Morodan Bag Capsule Collection

Photos by Serban Cristea



There are trends that you see and love for a certain period of time and trends that you see and that stick to  your mind for more than a few months.

That’s what  happened to me and the “NIKE Free Run”  Runners Trend

I saw it two seasons ago, when it was just a sub trend and loved it on the spot. Maybe because I work a lot on a daily basis and it gets kind of hard to do it from the heights of a pair of  Louboutin or maybe it’s because when you get older you start appreciating comfy outfits, who knows, fact is I also love the weird mix of sport foot wear with casual or elegant clothes.

.Sure, you can choose the street version of the sport shoe trend like New Balance or the  Nike Wedges.


And now, just because it’s Wednesday and I’ve just decided to have fun and love every girly cliche, here’s another one of my magical tricks I have prepared for you

Va va vooommmmm


Ana has the cool-est surprises for you


A? Cute and chic no?


Here’s what you have to do so that you can own this three fun notebooks (1 winner for all of them)



5 MINUTE - curs de stil personal cu Ovidiu Buta si Ana Morodan



Buying this kind of runners will be a good investment. You can use them for practicing sports and also for walking, casual dressing and I bet you’ll be a major trendsetter in your crowd.

They fit all kinds of proportions so wear them with pencil skirts, cigarette pants, pleated dresses and denim (all lengths)

In only 5 MINUTEs  you’ll have a casual, relaxing and chic outfit.

For more style tricks come to our 5 MINUTE Speedchange Classes 

Enter here











Runner Ana

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  1. BIANCA says:

    cel nude e perfect pt mine!

  2. Alexandra M says:

    “Yesterday and Today…ALWAYS SMILE” is more than perfect for me. <3 <3 (

  3. Roxana says:

    Pentru ca am nevoie de culoare in viata mea, cel rosu 🙂

  4. Mihaela says:

    Ever since May started, I have considered wearing geometrical and floral patterns, and I must say, it was the best decision I made clothes wise for the summer 🙂

  5. Oprea Steluta says:

    cel nude mi se potriveste perfect!

  6. miky says:

    i love the nude and red colors!

  7. Mitran Georgiana says:

    the red one

  8. Alexandra Tanasie says:

    B&W chevron 🙂

  9. Alexandra Tanasie says:

    Nude one

  10. Alma says:

    I love the nude one! 🙂

  11. Ada says:

    Cel nude e preferatul meu.
    Fotografiile de mai sus sunt facute in Sibiu. E orasul in care locuiesc, asa ca imediat mi-am dat seama. M-as fi bucurat sa te intalnesc.

  12. Mada Georgescu says:

    Always smile! 🙂

  13. Irina Ioana says:

    Pencil skirts (navy, dark green, dark aubergine) with boyfriend shirts or loose print/funky thsirts are a very classy trend! with ballerinas for office and high heels for evening 🙂

  14. denisa micle says:

    this outfit is just magical!

  15. verushka says:

    i can understand why it stuck to your mind, it’s so cool 🙂

  16. high heels says:

    i think i’m giving up my high heels for this kind of outfit!

  17. Roxana says:

    Plin de viata: flori, dantela si mesaje simpatice pe tricouri. De aceea, agenda preferata dintre cele trei este prima (“Yesterday and Today Always Smile”)

  18. Andreea C says:

    I know it’s hot and all that… But black leather baby! In combo with lace and silk. Kisses!

  19. karine says:

    love that bag! finally a trend that is practical and cool at the same time!

  20. julieta says:

    showing off that gorgeous engagement ring! love this outfit darling

  21. laura says:

    oh i would so wear those runners!

  22. paula simion says:

    you look great, like how you look with your hair tied

  23. Raluca Marinescu says:

    exquisite trend, darling! i am a fan too!

  24. Florina Tudose says:

    you just gave me the best idea! my life will be so much easier! thanks for the smart advice !!!

  25. Carmen Chirita says:

    beautiful bag, i quite like how it goes with your nike runners <3

  26. Ruxi says:

    Imprimeu floral

  27. Cya says:

    Snake skin and geometrics are the trends I’m going to adopt this season.
    Loving the notebooks, especially the nude one.

  28. Albu Steriana Maria says:

    the nude and red colors

  29. Iuliana says:

    Red and nude. I love them!

  30. Georgiana Marin says:

    that pencil dress and those sport shoes make out such a fresh look, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOOOOOVE IT!

  31. Mihaela Costea says:

    now, that’s the working spirit! Lovely!

  32. Bernadette says:

    oh oh! i am so anxious about that clutch!!! love the outfit today 😉

  33. Adina says:

    Toate sunt adorabile dar daca ar fi sa aleg unu, l-as alege pe cel nude. Delicat si cochet 😀
    Mail :

  34. Bianca Mihaela says:

    Always red because is magical! No matter in what mood you are:)

  35. luiza says:

    casual,relaxed,and yet so stylish!

  36. mary says:

    i adore this look, especially the bag with the sport shoes

  37. queen of style says:

    the 5 minute class sound amazing, cause this advice is the best 🙂

  38. flower lover says:

    you could not be more right that this! we have to make ours the trends or sub trends that fit our lifestyles! lovely look

  39. hermina stan says:

    love that you are always smiling in these gorgeous outfits! that is the way to do it

  40. I’m a navy kind of girl, regardless of the trends 🙂

  41. I love White in the summer! and I like to mix it with pastel colors or creazy colors like fucsia, turcoise, etc. I love all 3 notebooks, they will fit amazingly in my new bag and help me on my daily tasks.
    Good luck to all the participants!
    I do my best to get to one of your 5 min classes.

  42. Ioana Stanescu says:

    Monochrome 🙂

  43. A says:

    VERY VERY NICE SHOES! I wear free runs for years and every time I need to buy 2 pairs, one for running on for wearing.

    Check out Nike Roshe Run as well, they’re pretty cool!

  44. Antonia Alistar says:

    Tthis season for me will be all floral prints, neon colours and tones of white.

  45. Gilda Orleanu says:

    Ferrari red for me would be just GREAT! 😀

  46. Andreea says:

    I really really like the Nike Wedges.

  47. Vinatoru Diana says:

    For me, this summer is all about colours…if they’re fluorescent, greater the joy!

  48. Denise says:

    My favourite s/s 2013 trend is the boho-romanian blouse….more precisely “IA romaneasca”!

  49. Raluca says:

    The perfect accessory which completes a simple and classy outfit is an honest smile! So I love the “Yesterday and today, always smile” one!

  50. Cristina Soos says:

    You look Awesome <3
    esti PERFECTA !!!!
    Sexy body , lovely dress , nice shoes & clutch :*
    Cea cu …always smile 🙂
    Luv u :*

  51. Diana says:

    Natural color trend.. because less is more 🙂

  52. Jacqueline C says:

    Trendul monochrome mi se potriveste cel mai bine. Iubesc sa ma imbrac in alb si negru!

  53. oana says:

    cel rosu merge cel mai bine cu caracterul meu:)

  54. Monica E. says:

    Yesterday and today..always smile! e perfect. Fix ca-n viata. Si-n plus.. e colorat.

  55. Еvelina says:

    I find the combination between sporty clothes and high heels or elegant clothes and sneakers, adorable! It is the perfect manner to feel comfortable and beautiful for different occasions and times of the day!

  56. Roxana says:

    Toate mi se par geniale, insa cel nude cred ca e cel mai potrivit. 😀

  57. Anca says:

    black and white

  58. Adelina says:

    Monochrome!!! :X
    Cel nude e superb!
    Adelina-Cristina Tamas

  59. Roxana Popovici says:

    I like the first one …with the “everyday/always smile” 😀 …:) 4 everyone! :*

  60. Alina N says:

    Ana, multumesc pentru recomandare. Mi-a prins foarte bine articolul si o sa urmez acest trend sporty chic aici in Muenchen unde alergatul si mersul prin natura, in jurul lacurilor sau pe dealuri si munti sunt sportul national si absolut toti le practica. Acum stiu ce sa asortez la restul outfit-ului pentru alergat prin parc ;). Acesta va fi trendul meu pentru toata luna Mai si voi fi cea mai chic jogger-ita ;).

    Alina N,

  61. Livia says:

    Definitely cel rosu 🙂

  62. Dorina says:

    Am descoperit recent o noua (pt mine noua) combinatie de culori care mi se potriveste de minune. alb/bleumarin/galben (in toate nuantele lor)
    Cat despre notebooks…always smile! 🙂
    Mult noroc tuturor si multumesc Ana pt articolele tale, sunt interesante si de folos.

  63. Catalina Turlan says:

    Nude all the way!

  64. Iuliana says:

    it`s actually a trend that`s here for some seasons now, I don`t wear it often but I love it, it`s the mix of 2 or 3 prints in one outfit (all prints: graphic, floral, digital).

  65. Elena says:

    For me in the summer it’s all about white.

  66. corina says:

    Clar cel cu Always smile:))

  67. Corina Oltean says:

    Hi Ana! I’m excited about the Japanese influences I’ve seen in this S/S trends. I love all the silky kimonos, sharp silhouettes and the oriental blossoms prints.
    Oh, and I just want to say that you are a huge inspiration to me, I hope you keep this blog forever!

  68. Teodora Tulearca says:

    “Yesterday and Today…ALWAYS SMILE” my favourite.
    e-mail :

  69. iulia martea says:

    cel nude este preferatul meu

  70. Luciana says:

    Well, for this summer – cause we seem to have just skipped spring – i’m all about pastels and flowy skirts. As for the trend that doesn’t suit me, t-bar shoes <3 i absolutely love them, but i can't seem to find a pair that screams "me". I'll get there, i have no worries
    Kisses! <3


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