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Morodan the awesome

Awesome Morodan




Morodan the little girls who knows great fashion


Le Petit Dracula

Petit DraculaToday I am wearing my stupendous Manoush shawl

© Serban Cristea



Shawls are amongst my favorite accessories. Big shawls. They make me feel special and protected. Only not protected by whatsoever, but by a very sophisticated object. Over the last year I have gathered a few. I showed you another one this year, remember? Plus, they make me feel like a czarina.

They are conversation starters everywhere I go and everyone seems to be mesmerized with them.

What do you think about these accessories?



5 MINUTE - Style Trick


Autumn is coming so find yourself some special shawls and wear them as a jacket or as a scarf. It will make you feel glamorous and special. Don’t be afraid to wear items that are not so common. That’s not a faux pas, au contraire mes chers, you will make yourself unforgettable.

Remember, being glamorous is not something to be conditioned by age, looks and beauty. Being glamorous is something you make and that my darlings, can be done only by ladies that are super special! Like YOU!

By the way, the new 5 MINUTE Style Classes are back. On the 21 and 28 of September. Click here to subscribe and come meet Ovidiu Buta and me for a super stylish afternoon. You’ll love it, I can promise that!





I am going to Oradea for Serban’s super elegant and wise mother’s birthday so I’ll send you postcards from there.

Ah no, I will not stay more than two days because guess what? I have two speaking events on Sunday and Monday. Holidayyyyyyyyyyyy, where are thou?


By the way, don’t forget about my two gifts for you that you can win my darlings – one, two



Morodanette Gifette

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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Absolut Superb salul !!!
    Oooo normal k il tin minte si pe celalalt,doar mam dus dupa postare la mama sa roscolesc in dulap dupa el :))) doar k e mic, o esarfa 🙂
    have funn la oradea 😉
    Pupici :*:*

  2. Dianaaa says:

    I was just thinking yesterday when i was having lunch at a terrace that i need a shawl 🙂 yours looks wonderful!

  3. Sylvia Tom says:

    hey darling! love the shawls it is just perfect, the colors and the fact that it’s so big makes it unforgetable.

  4. Mariana says:

    cool outfit, i adore the rings and the shawl worn with these boots

  5. Ulma Smith Lawrence says:

    uh! Gorgeous look for early autumn!

  6. Chicest Ladies Alive says:

    we salute our style icon! we love you countess! love the look today <3

  7. TAMARA OPREA says:

    oh, how i love these few days in the year when we can mix shawls and swaters with out summery items. makes me happy!!!

  8. Laura in Style says:

    yey! i can hardy wait to take the 5 minute class! i dind’t get the change until now!

  9. sasha says:

    ahaha, tu mignona cu salul mare care te acopera cu totul. so cute ! 😆 😀

  10. Anaivilo says:

    Ineed, that shawl is sensational! And of course, I adore the location you chose;)
    Have fun in Oradea and good luck with your events! 😉

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