Year: 2015

2015, The Final Notes – 2016, I Am Ready

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 Lanvin necklace – vintage cape       I was sitting on my couch watching movies before getting ready to leave for our New Year soiree and in the mist of travelling the country between Christmas and NYE I focused on these two days of couch potato-ing and just now realized I was vocal on […]

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What Does This Mad Madame Christmas Do In Her Moment of Relaxation

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      Just because I know you`re…I`m not Netflix-ing and chill. Nope, I`m not eating ice cream and reading Sophie Kinsella. No, I`m not doing yoga, although I should. Nope, I`m not putting together outfits and playing with my accessories. No, I`m not creeping on Instagram and I`m not pinning on Pinterest.  And […]

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You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry, I Have a Christmas Giveaway For You

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    I have some pretty awesome gifts for four FOUR of you. Si nu trebuie sa faceti nimic complicat. Nada, nadaaaa, doar scrieti aci` in comentarii una alta. Ma rog, ce tot scriu atata, watch the videooooo.           *Haribo, as aprecia ca data viitoare sa ma atentionezi ca urlu pe […]

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Before You Go, Some Details To Keep in Mind

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Aureliana dress from Molecule F – H&M necklace          Before you go and conquer the world adica. Am gasit o poza in care arat fix ca Vrajitoarea cea Rea, poate vi se face frica si actionati. Ce? Nu functioneaza strategia asta cu  frica? Nu stiam…   Mes chers, campania Student Biz s-a incheiat and I`m […]

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Home-Made Sweets May Taste Delicious but These Cakes Rule My Christmas

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  I`m not the cooking/baking type. God knows Mazilu tried. I mean, I wish I was but I`m completely useless when it comes to everything related to kitchen. I`m more the gin & tonic type. And that`s fine.    And when it comes to this I have to give it to my Addams family: they never put […]

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