August 2016

One Adventure to Remember a Lifetime

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There are holidays and then there are adventures. The Party Sails (click the link, you’ll find out everything you need to know about this special holiday concept) week was one of the latter. One week on the boat, sailing from island to island, from serene places to party islands, living the adventure on a catamaran with five […]

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The M Office having a GIN

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Here we are. Half of the M office. Brainstorming and working on implementing the Morodan Academy for Extravagantly Successful Digital Influencers. We’ve come up with some pretty dope stuff. Still have a few days to spare until everything will be live so we’re going full throttle with this, while also stabilizing our production line for Morodan Shop. […]

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Vesnicia s-a nascut la sat. In Grecia.

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Vesnicia s-a nascut la sat. In Grecia. I rest my case. Goodbye.    Castaner wedges – H&M overall – Louis Vuitton sunglasses – Gerard Darel bag Baneasa Shopping City   Photos taken while my unforgettable Party Sails adventure on Hydra island / stay tuned for the rest of the episodes     

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The Business of Being Ana Morodan – It’s Only Fair

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  Remember those pictures with Kate Moss looking flawless that said Kate Moss woke up like that ? Except, of course, she didn’t.    Most of us, bloggers, influencers, tastemakers, changemakers or whatever you want to call us, most of us are always careful to take the perfect instagram picture, to look flawless in our […]

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Daily Note

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Sort of it’s ok to whine as long as you don’t make it your natural state.    

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