September 2010

we are the stories we tell ourselves


Snobbish Breakfast skirt,Zara shoes, H&M top, DIY blazer, Asos bracelet   Photos by Cornelia Gaie  . You should be familiar with the street by now (little joke related to my lack of time and creativity;) got it?). It’s finally September, joy ohh joy. I can finally wear blazers (I will be forever in love with […]

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please come now I think I’m falling


Photos by Mihai Pasca Cornelia abandoned me and ran away in another city for a week or so. So here I am, on a Sunday afternoon, there’s shitty weather outside but I have a desire for an outfit post…what to do? what to do? But I have friends, like very close friends, like “you cannot […]

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Have you met Super?


Ohh I’ll tell you tomorrow…I’m so tired now and I had one too many glasses of wine.  . And this is ME, in someone else’s shirt. YES I love UGG’s, crucify me.  

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Cafe society


Snobbish Breakfast playsuit, thrift bag, Accessorize and Asos rings Photos by Cornelia Gaie  .  . i need something magical to happen or I’ll go crazy. yeyyyy 4 autumn though 😉 I’m off to drink a mochaccino and eat a macaroon at the bistro near my office and enjoy the marvelously fabulous weather :).

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I’m still waiting for this anxiety crisis to be over


Topshop tights, Zara dress, DIY blazer, vintage necklaces and ring  . Peopleeee I’m feeling better. I guess, if not then it means that I’m such a good liar that I can fool myself too :D.Anyway, here are some pics with one of my job outfits. Yes, yes I know I look so formal and reliable, […]

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