April 2017

Speaking With The Z Generation

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Here’s two of the several times I got the chance to speaks with the Z generation. It’s very refreshing to speak to other Zs than Costri and Addams. They just don’t listen to me anymore! They simply concluded that I am this crazy old hag and they shut down their ears when Momma Preaches! Well […]

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Confession Nr. 1

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Liu Jo outfit from Unic Brands  Photo by Costrut     I’ve always wanted to be a superintendent. A dominatrix superintendent to be more specific. I would be the headmistress of a boarding school for boys and I’d have this list of boys whom I’d love to terrorize. But I can’t share that with you, we’re […]

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Lola & Bolec Confirmed: We Have a Hazard Proof Wallpaper

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Hello people of the Internet, Please let me introduce you to our new guests – they’re called Lola and Bolec.  just in case you are wondering to get it out the way quickly: -NO, Bolec is not Photoshopped on my thigh (see below) -YES, it hurt. -YES, IT HURT LIKE HELL. But they are the […]

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The Business of Being Ana Morodan – You Postpone, You Pay

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      Morodan Shop suit & brooches (available in our showroom) – Hardot heels Photos by Costrut   *bell ringing* Ladies, recession is over, please head back to your seats! Today we’ll be listening to Personal Jesus (live from Barcelona) during our swift course class called   The Business of Being Ana Morodan    So let’s […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insides

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Hola people, I’m currently in Brasov for a project, it’s 11 pm and it’s time for the Internet’s Inspiring Insides – I’ve stumbled on quite a few inspiring shenanigans.  By the way, this is not Photoshop*. It’s really me. Wearing a casual outfit. Yes, I’m very surprising and out-of-the-box, I know.    Liu Jo outfit from […]

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