April 2015

Postcards from Galeria de Stil in Cluj

Living Art

  You know, I still think at the days spent as a special guest for the first edition of  Galeria de Stil in Cluj and consider them worth keeping close to my soul days. And it`s because of that special vibe I`ve experienced – because of so many of you who came to meet me. […]

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Social Places of Bucharest – Fumetto

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I am wearing a Morodan Shop dress, a vintage reticule, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and a Cartier bracelet Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Fumetto   It`s the new IT Place in town everybody talks about. It`s the place where you want to book a table more than you may want the new Chanel bag. It`s the place […]

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Scoala de Bune Maniere pentru Zane si Magicieni

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  It was this foggy November evening and I was taking a stroll trying to find a little black cat which I had seen that morning in the small garden we have outside our mansion. We already adopted 4 cats. The more the merrier. Snow was around the corner and this particular little cat was […]

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Dancing With The Gods

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    It`s pretty hard to put in words the multitude of feelings which went through my soul the moment I was invited to meet Razvan Mazilu. The man is a living legend. So I accepted and typical of me, I made a little fuss about it. What if he`s going to look at me like […]

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Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes – The Summer 2015 Capsule Collection

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   Now, this is the final result …however…how we got here is a bit different…a story which  you`ll discover as soon as you scroll down. Bon voyage sort to speak       And now, here was our `road to success`    First of all, I was on an I CAN DO IT NO MATTER […]

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