November 2014

Kitchen Victim – The Next Episode Will Air Soon

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  Horraayyy, Horrraaayyy, Hoooorayyyy                    

30 November 2014 / By / 11 Comments

Why Black Friday Suddenly Became Much More Attractive

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  And yes, you still have time because this is the Official Black Friday weekend. And here are my opinions on the matter.         I never was against American/Capitalist marketing stunts. As long as they don`t hurt the planet or other people (yes, i know that most of the times these two […]

28 November 2014 / By / 16 Comments

Stylist Contest by BSC – Episode 4

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  Let`s see, let`s see, let`s seeeee. I am anxious to hear your opinion on how the recruits managed. Get your popcorn and press Play people.                 Ana Banana              

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You Were My Cup Of Tea But I Drink CHAI Now

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    ` I have no longer patience for certain things, not because I`ve become arrogant but simply because I`ve reached a point in my life where I do not want to waste more time with what displeases or hurts me. I have no patience for cynicism, excessive criticism or demands of any nature. I […]

27 November 2014 / By / 32 Comments

How To Go From Hater To Lover in 3 Easy Steps

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    Maybe some of you will label me as `idiot` after reading this but I have to tell you a little weather details about my likes. You know, I`ve always hated the cold. Actually, I`ve always hated Winter. The muddy weather, another worst thing about winter is how it gets cold and dark really […]

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