May 2017

Aunt Endora’s Tuscan Soul

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I’ve roamed high and low, far and wide, from the far Eastern sides of Asia to the South Americas. Yet, there is no place on this green earth that I love more than Italy. I feel like I belong, albeit not in present time. I think I might have been a countess here, way before […]

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Did You See Me On the Cover of Psychologies?

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This is one of those chances that I am super grateful for. Being the cover girl for Psychologies is one of my top ambitions come true. Ever since I was younger, each and every time I read Psychologies I put the magazine down feeling smarter, more informed, more aware. Psychologies is in the intellectual glossy category so […]

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CERC – Ce Ratam Cand Prea-Postam

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I am psyched about this new project! Lucram la el de ceva timp si in sfarsit it came to life! Mai tineti minte saloanele conversationale din secolul XIX? Martha Bibescu si Anna de Noailles au avut unele dintre cele renumite astfel de saloane in Roamnia si in Franta. Case decorate in still Belle Epoque unde […]

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Things that Can Happen in an All Inclusive

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I might have been born old, be an old sould, or maybe I’m just plain and simple lazy but I really think that an all inclusive pampering, once or twice per year, can de-crimple your brain like nothing else. And if that all inclusive is as peaceful and zen as possible and has a chic […]

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Have You Come to My Business Blogging Class? You Should

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În 2010, când am început blogul, aveai nevoie de domeniu (costa 100 de lei), un prieten pasionat de fotografie (și un pic îndrăgostit de tine), nebunie cât să crezi că ce ți se pare ție interesant va părea și altora, plus vanitate, cât încape. Și nicio idee despre ce aventură te așteaptă. Eh, la 7 […]

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