May 2016

Monday Memo: The Aristo Club

Living Art

Here, here  We’re starting a club people and the first step for an exclusive membership is here. Click the link above and yes, be certain that I already have a list of gifts I plan to send your way.   And some cool surprises only for the club memberzzzz.     

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Talking About My Accessory Obsession with Glamour Romania

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I’m wearing a Morodan Shop dress / Photo by Emil Costrut      Glamour asked me about my accessory addiction. From how I select them, to where I find those special pieces and why I wear them so often, as well as why I wear the same jewelry more than once (you know, fashion bloggers […]

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Life Update Nr. 753892

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 Clara Rotescu dress – Vintage Butter jacket – Louis Vuitton sunglasses    Well, what a posy and cliche pic…You know I love cliches,  so I obviously I had to show it to you.   It’s from last weekend I spent at the seaside with S.    And here’s another cliche I’ve read that day and related […]

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So Phileas Fogg & Passepartout of Us

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Bucket List Nr. 453: Flying over a breathtaking view in a hot air balloon – CHECKED      I’ve been dreaming about Cappadocia ever since I read about it in school. A special and unique place in the world. With outstanding anthropologic evidence and a spectacular view. From a balloon.   Flying with a balloon […]

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I’m Dead Beat with a Flu and it Has Side Effects

Morodan TV

  I’m sorry for not being able to attend your party, Viva Magazine. And a big thank you to everyone who offered to design a dress for me to wear at this event. I promise to wear them glamorously soon. I just have to s s sss ssss sss sneeze for a sec.   God, I haven’t […]

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