June 2017

#StyleMeCollective with my Cool Ladies

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  Hi world! Sorry for being away for a while, busy life, hectic schedule, I’m still alive on social media. Or at least sort of alive,  it’s more of a they’re-keeping-me-on-life-support kind of situation (and praying I won’t finally go insane). Go check Facebook, Instagram, Insta stories, I’m alive and kicking there. It’s easier and faster. […]

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Aunt Endora’s Daily Tuscan Soul

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Some glimpses of Aunt Endora on her daily strolls through Dante’s Florence. To be honest, she enjoys midnight strolls a lot more due to their mystery and odd charm, however who the hell can take gorgeous photos at midnight? No one. Absolutely no one. Anyway, she’s determined to tell you the story of one of her favorite […]

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Two Glamour Magazine features are Better Than One

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I’m very thankful for these two features in Glamour Magazine. Especially for the Beauty Typologies one. I always hear that people wonder how I became so popular since I don’t have a model-like body, my face is not Cindy Crawford’s (yet – nothing a “little” plastic surgery can’t fix) (joke, j-o-k-e, relax, you guys) and […]

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Golfing Area – Please Watch Your Head

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I just got back from Belek, TK. Yes. Again. And this time I come with debauchery from one of the chicest places I’ve been in Turkey – Titanic Belek The spa was the highlight for my old rusty bones, of course. But I also gave my hips a swing on the golf course as well! […]

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Notes on Co-Hosting Elle Blogging Awards 2017

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wore a Styland suit & Aquazzura velvet slippers    Maurice and I hosted the ELLE BLOGGING AWARDS for the second time. It was an unforgettable night, maybe for the winners as well, but most definitely for us. Why? Because it’s always cool to see what goes on on stage, but it’s so much more personal when you get […]

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