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Confession Nr. 5

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 Have I ever told you that each year, both in January and around my birthday, I visit tarot readers, aura reading and reiki specialists, even bio therapists? I can’t remember. I may have. I’ll ask my fortune tellers.     So, this is what I’m freakin’ doing each year. I say freakin’ because some of […]

6 February 2018 / By / 7 Comments

E 1 Decembrie, Romania!

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E 1 Decembrie, Romania! Astazi, de ziua ta, sa te gandesti ce potential ai; sa te gandesti la adevaratele valori, la natura spectaculoasa de care te bucuri. Si sa nu uiti ca, in vremuri de restriste, ai oferit eroi, care au ramas in istoria planetara! Astazi, de ziua ta Romania, iti doresc sa ai puterea […]

1 December 2017 / By / 14 Comments

The Real Influencers

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Some things happen while “they are in the news”, red hot, but when you hit a certain age (like me) and have a dozen things on your daily To Do List (make that 64 on a good day), you make a note about it and extrapolate later. This is what happened to me when Simona […]

29 November 2017 / By / 18 Comments

Internet’s Inspiring Insights

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Styland suit – Fandacsia hat – Prada heels    Ola meine beautiful friends, in the spirit of the Internet’s constant wiseness or crap, here’s what I liked reading these days   How a half-educated tech elite delivered us into chaos. Very true point of view. Makes your brain gears churn a little bit… Influencer Or […]

26 November 2017 / By / 10 Comments

The Beauty Journal. Phase One: FOREO LUNA mini 2

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  There’s one thing that stuck with me a few months ago. It literally stuck in my daily schedule and I woke up one day realizing that a small yet important part of my life changed. And as much as I said that it gave me headaches in the past now I really feel it […]

24 November 2017 / By / 13 Comments