July 2015

Nope, Summer is Not Over – And I Have Plausible Reasons To State This

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    Nope, don`t say it. No like really, don`t say it. Summer it`s not over. I feel it. Yeah, I feel it because we don`t have enough air conditioners at the new office and we basically fry daily – we`re installing more next week. So believe me, my feedback is real. Summer IS NOT […]

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Designing Our New Offices and the Morodan Shop Showroom – Step 1

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  Ludmila Corlateanu dress – Smiling Shoes heels – H&M earrings – iLUX jewelry box Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at the Morodan Offices           What? What`!??!?! What do you mean `She did not do that for real`?   Pfff, why are you so carcatoasi, dom`le?     Ok, fine. Fineeee. We had a little bit […]

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Recycling – The New Art of Living

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      We`ve been doing this at home and at the Morodan office for quite some time now so here`s another aspect from my lifestyle you might not have known – I`m an avid environmentalist.   And yes, I recycle. A lot. Paper and now plastic also. We`ve been taking it to a collecting […]

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Now I`m literally EVERYWHERE – Featured in Blue Air`s Magazine

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        Haha, indeed, it`s like Veronica said: `Now you`re literally everywhere.`   Thank you to Blue Air and Luisa Ene for this feature and interview about my habits, fashions and business.   Look for this issue of Blue Air mag and let me know where I`ve  traveled with you          […]

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At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler

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    And here we are, the first episode of my new webseries – At Your Service – is live  #dumbmorons #us  #laughing.   This is a story about a mad little countess`s daily adventures accompanied by her maleficent and smart butler Tudy.  If you`re wondering, it all started from this.   Each week will live […]

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