September 2015

At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler – S1.Ep5 #ComingSoon

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    The next At Your Service episode will be live soon. Who knows, maybe Tudy will really make it this time and finally get things right for the psychotic Countess. Maybe he`ll succeed in being a perfect butler. Or not.                

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Cryotherapy – How to Freeze Your Wrinkles and Lose Weight in 3 Minutes #PeBune

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  To keep in Mind:   This article consists of real life captures. No good postures, no pretty filters. Today i`m sharing with you something I`ve discovered recently and which  helped me with my kidney problems as much as it did with my beauty ones. I think our role as influencers is also to spread  the […]

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Did this Tweet just Change The World?

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      Samantha Power is the youngest person ever to fill the role of American ambassador to the U.N. She’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. She’s a former Harvard professor, a law-school grad, and a journalist. She’s a wife and mother. And she’s also one of the most articulate, inspiring, no-BS women we’ve ever met. […]

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The New Luxury – #HMFALLINLOVE

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        I thought and I thought. And then I thought some more. And reached the same conclusion. I`m not able to top this. The new Autumn H&M lookbook pictures that is.   So I said to myself:   Morodan, what`s really important for you? Posting pictures with yourself dressed in this collection or […]

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Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City

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  Each time I see this I am really amazed – you know. When a brand thinks at its consumers too when taking  marketing decisions. It makes me smile and think that in some special cases it`s People about People first, not people looking at marketing graphics and wanting just to make money.    RedesignYourself is […]

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