July 2010


Living Art

Photos – Cornelia Gaie and Patricia Imbarus      . Finally… You people have been reading about this for months now…I’m a hugggeee procrastinator, I KNOW. One of my goals/dreams this year was putting together a small collection of dresses. The kind of dresses that I love and make me feel comfortable and glam. Well, […]

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Parallel Lives


Photos by Noree Anne Celine If we are Facebook friends maybe some of you remember when I posted a vintage like picture of a girl on my wall. I’m talking about this pic    . I finally met her yesterday and she is indeed magical, she’s so cool and awesome and goth and chic and […]

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“We are all mad here”


Photos by Patricia Imbarus    .  . Rainy days…funny how people forget to appreciate and be satisfied with what they have. A few days ago I was complaining because it was so hot outside, now it’s raining and I’m complaining about this. Such a drama queen. Yesterday I did some cleaning in the store room […]

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Zara shoes, vintage skirt, Vila blouse, F21 necklace, vintage bracelets, Asos watch Photos – Cornelia Gaie  .  . How did I go in a couple of days from “yeeeeyyyyy holiday and party for two months” to ” Omg I’m going to die, it’s so hot and I’m at work at 11 pm????” Still clueless about […]

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How not to party all the time and be a grown-up


Vero moda blouse, Asos neckalce, my obsessive hat:) Photos by Patricia Imbarus    . Hi guys…it’s me:). Bottom line…the most hectic week, realized that I’m too old for this kind of life:(, I can’t not sleep nights in a row. So the partying must stop:) and I should be more responsible (see Anca;) I’ve heard […]

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