July 2016

The Powerpuff Girls and a Crazy Person

Morodan TV

 The Powerpuff  Girls Three Mega Stars of the Season   Overwhelmed by the huge attention they received at the launch of their newest series (81 millions of fans interact with the Powerpuff Girls on multiple platforms) , they stopped by the M office for an outfit review.     Do you think I was a little bit over the top?   […]

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How Rediscovering Nature Transformed My Lifestyle

Living ArtLooks

Maybe this is my transformation journey or maybe I’m just like many of you: a burnout in search of some relaxation techniques…I may have mentioned this topic a few times this year and I may mention it very often from now on too, because nature is becoming a major part of my life and its […]

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It’s a FITZa World

Living Art

    Yep, I finally can state: Success transformed you. Such an arrogant prick you’ve become…and a self-sufficient one too. As soon as you landed another magazine cover you totally forgot about your little helpers, huh? I mean ME, of course! Not one mention! NOT ONE MENTION about me and how I help you! Not […]

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A Summer Week’s Outfits for Unica Magazine

Morodan TV

That morning when our office tea room turned into a runway. Just to show to the Unica Magazine viewers my favorite outfits for one summer week. Also, I’ve created a quick preview for you of our August Morodan Shop holiday capsule.    Yeah, I’ve turned into a chubster…Planning to do something about it, just not right now.    

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5 Unusual Thoughts Which Run Through My Mind Right Now


No23 dress – CMood bag – Smiling Shoes ballerinas – Prada sunglasses  Photo by Emil Costrut in Sibiu       5 Unusual Thoughts That Are Running Through My Mind Right Now     Please God, not Donald Trump   2. What does Smart Casual even mean?   3. Meditating has proven to be a little harder than […]

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