February 2018

#TheMofficeShow – Morodan TV’s first big project – Climbing The Ladder of Success? Nahhh

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Told you a bit here about what we’re going to do.   The motivation?    I keep hearing about video content becoming major – of course, I know this for some time now, but today is becoming imperative – so I thought that instead of doing unboxings, make-up videos and other white noise contents, which […]

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GIN (Get Influence Now) – Morodan Digital Influencers Academy – The 2018 Series

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Back by popular demand, iata-ne cu concluziile si directiile pe care, credem noi, trebuie sa ne focusam in 2018.  GIN  2nd edition AfterParty de marci personale Ghid complet de notorietate online     Cei mai multi influenceri, auto-intitulati asa, genereaza un continut atat de booooring, de “promotional”, de lipsit de imaginatie si “touch personal”, incat iti vine sa te gandesti cum i-a trecut […]

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#TheMofficeShow – Morodan TV’s first big project – #PeSex

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Do you remember a while back when I told about Morodan TV? Well, its time has come. Our own reality show will air this March. I wish I’d say I am thrilled but right now I am still trying to understand why do we need so many cameras and microphones and osmo’s (wtf is an […]

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30s & Desperate – The Trigger

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Well, I tried, I swear I tried. But it was cold like hell, I had a flu and the clothes which fitted me three months ago proved to be two sizes smaller than my present day size. Which truth be told turned my anxiety level to maximum. I mean, c’monnnn, I was just finished filming […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insights

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Efemere cardigan with paintings by Hamid Nicola Katrib printed on silk – H&M dress – Miu Miu heels  Photos by Nico Grigore at Chaya Tea House    People, not a huge list but the 3 internet gems found since we last spoke on the matter     Farnam Street – This is THE REAL DEAL if you’re […]

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