September 2016

It’s a Pleasure to Meet You

Living Art

Although I couldn’t attend the opening party, the day has come – I’m here, as in right now I’m here, I’m posting this article from one of the coolest social areas/food courts I’ve ever seen in a shopping center.     The first thing that made me eager to visit when I heard about this new […]

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Same, Same but Different

Beauty Culture

  I still remember the moment I discovered Bourjois. I was still living in Arad and they had just inaugurated a Bourjois make-up stand in the city’s main mall. The packaging was so atypical, so different from anything I had ever seen until then, so feminine, so glamorous, all the products looked like they came […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insides

Living Art

Love this man’s charisma. Although not a fan of the American self-help perspective. He has a point here   Why The Most Extraordinary People Do Not Have Careers Or Businesses. Instead…   Have I showed you this?    The myth of IT girls    Justin Bieber’s manager is a rising entrepreneur   Just sayn’   Have […]

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It’s a FITZa World

Living Art

  Stop talking about GIN while drinking gin. It’s confusing for God’s Sake. Also, please go home, now, with the launch of your new classes, you’re basically living at the office working and guess what? I can’t RELAX with you people here! And by the way, please take note that Claudiu kept me starving for two […]

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September on the Foreo Cruise

Living ArtLooks

This September started with a cruise, the Foreo cruise on the Dalmatian coast, to be precise. When Marko wrote to invite me and told me I was the only influencer from Romania who had been invited on this cruise and asked if I could book this city break in my agenda, I was delighted. I’m a Foreo […]

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