August 2011

Fairy on acid


Cos skirt, I Need Supply blouse, Asos and vintage bracelets Photos by Cornelia Gaie     This is how a friend described me when he first saw how I act in the morning. I kinda  look like a complete lunatic trying to wash my teeth, decide what to wear and drink an orange juice (yes, […]

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Be your own Superhero


Zara shoes and skirt, Asos blouse, vintage earrings, H&M and I Became Addicted bracelets Photos by Cornelia Gaie Cause I’m officially mine!(superhero that is) ? Because I finally did it! I succeeded in cooking  something! Something = Mushrooms and spinach lasagna   Told you that  the little things/victories in life are the ones that matter!

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Shallow medicine

Living ArtLooks

vintage skirt, blouse, VintageLady earrings Photos by Cornelia Gaie Here’s a secret…each time I feel sad I instinctively run to the bookstore and buy lots of chick- lit novels, which I read without a breath. Instant success and smiles. I guess I’m not that deep after all, huh?

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New season, New Games

Living ArtLooks

Zara shoes, vintage dress, vintage and Cellini jewelry Photos by Cornelia Gaie  .   These past few days I – moved in an extraordinary apartment(I’m gonna rooftop party the whole month). – cried of joy, sadness and of stress –  met  someone who I respect and feel close to (soul to soul close). – listened […]

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Welcome back

Living ArtLooks

                 Photos by Patricia Imbarus       Well, that was it!     I’m officially back in the city, and while dreaming at my September vacation and missing  Mittens, I’m preparing to move in another apartment, make 15 Snobbish Breakfast dresses with Adina in just two days […]

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