Seven years ago, on a one way street in Arad, helped by the first #TheMoffice members, Gabi & Iunia, I started the first personal style blog around here. Until then, I cried more than 47593 times, I pushed myself forward, I drank  so many gin & tonics I lost count, I fell 7 times but got up 8 and went from “That Crazy Blogger” to “That Crazy Influencer” to “That Game Changing Online Entrepreneur”.

They say you fight alone and most of the times it’s true, especially in the beginning when well, tu comanzi tu executi but it is important to state here that I share my victories with my two incredible “aunts”: Cristina Pop and Lili Misaila , the masterminds behind Antz, with my director of operations and the best human I know, Claudiu Enescu, with Diana Ticiu, you batsh*t crazy woman and visionary art director. You strongly believed in me from the beginning, but probably just because you are, well, the craziest of the bunch. With Adrian Telespan, our head of production for #TheMofficeShow and a successful writer with the weirdest & funniest sense of humor . With George Man & Iulian Iovanescu, my The Map heroes, with Cristi, who delivers not just efficiency but some of the best laughs one can get in a lifetime, with Gabi Biro, my 5th grade friend who is like I said here from the very beginning and is our tech God/kindest person in the universe, Iunia Paul, the visual talent every brand should work with, and the creature who I secretly think loves me the most, our office cat, Fitzgerald von Morodan. 

During this time I understood that life without humor is just boring, that emotional peace is the best haute couture gown, that not all that shines is necessarily precious, that hard work pays of, that ego is just a limit, that fears are good enough just to be crushed, that politeness and good manners weight more than pr, that it was never about fashionable outfits but about personal strength, that staying humble is relevant even in an era when self-promotion is considered a ‘Must’ and that, that cliche telling us that dreams come true if you work for them is actually true.

Time will pass and this chapter will be updated again and again but until then I want you to know that YOU ACTUALLY CAN DO IT! And you are not alone! You have the most important person in your team: Yourself! Just keep moving forward and let this be a proof that you can get Anywhere! Just take the first step and no matter how hard it will be (cause it will be) never, never, never give up and never look back!

From behind the pink gin tonic, 

Self-Proclaimed Countess of the Internet, Endless adorer of Big Tasties with Extra Jalapeno and Bearer of Essential Oils, 



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