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29 June 2015 / By / 20 Comments


Brace yourself  for this is my latest and obviously, newest and deepest social place.


Ana Morodan 5m

Ana Morodan 7

Victor Bogdan Gheorghita

Ana Morodan 1m


Ana Morodan 3


Ana Morodan 8m

Ana Morodan 4

Victor Bogdan Gheorghita


Victor Bogdan Gheorghita

Ana MorodanIngrid Vlasov blouse – Diesel jeans – Louboutin heels – traditional apron

Photos by Mihai Dina



Not because it`s positioned near to my home – yeah, I know, almost everything happens in that area (you have no choice but bare my snobbery act, it amuses me) and not because since it opened – recently – I go there every day and it`s basically my office. Nope, these are reasons More to love Fratellini Bistro. But my main and most strong impulses which draw me to this place are:


  • The color of the davenports – this mild green is everything – and this was the first detail which seduced me when I first stepped inside


  • The breakfast – especially the Eggs – D – I – V – I – N – E


  • The music – 80`s and 90`s Italian Music – Ornella Vanoni – Al Bano  & Romina Power – Califano – Lucio Battisti – you are transported into another era


  • The waiters – dressed in their proper uniform – so Rome in the 50`s


  • The To Go personalized cups – you know how much fancy fashionistas love those to go coffee cups, right? Well, I`m a pretty respectful one so it was only natural to be seduce by this cool lifestyle details


  • The Vibe and The Crowd – My kind


 You can find me there almost everyday during 10 to 2. Told you it`s my new meeting spot and favorite place wink






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  1. Lookul tău mă duce cu gândul la cel al unui toreador 😀 So stylish!

  2. Wonderful jeans, lovely blouse, cool place 🙂

  3. I flipping adore your style. Chic, elegant, timeless, fresh. It’s classic and modern all at once. <3


  4. Miruna says:

    You look so glam everytime. Thank you for the tip, I didn`t knoew about thisplace <3

  5. Anda Pop says:

    Wow, cand s-a deschis? Nu stiam. Arata misto, mergem 🙂

  6. Claudia says:

    Imi place ca mereu vii cu lucruri noi si interesante. You really are the most special of them all.

  7. Fashion is my Life says:

    The blouse os heavenly. And I love this shoot

  8. Mistress B says:

    This is such a cool place. I love it. The couches are awesome indeed <3

  9. Brighitte Alin says:

    You wear Ingrid Vlasov. Sophisticated and so special. YOU RULE

  10. Petrescu M says:

    Fratellini is my favorite place too 🙂

  11. Fashion Sense Maxi says:

    This outfit is everything. You look like a true DIVA

  12. Andreea Popescu says:

    Doamne Ana, mereu arati atat atat de special <3 <3 <3

  13. Zina M says:

    Draga domnisoara Morodan, sunteti mereu plina de viata si extrem de savoroasa. Proababil de aceea si publicul dumneavoastra este extrem de special si in aceelasi timp inteligent. Ne imbucurati ziua de fiecare data cand va citim 🙂

  14. Carmen The Fashion says:

    Cat de perfect arata locul asta. Nu stiam de el. Multumesc Ana 🙂

  15. Linda Belinda says:

    The shirt is everything. And you look as glam as you always do. Everything you do seems like a fairytale Ana!

  16. Style Eternal says:

    I love this outfit. And this new place look amazing <3

  17. Ane Marie Tursanu says:

    Chiar langa mine e locul asta. Poate ne vedem la o cafea intr-o zi Ana. Mi-ar place tare mult s ate cunosc. I`m your biggest fan :))

  18. Style Minions says:

    You are beyond cool darling Morodan. and you always rock the scene

  19. Fruit loop says:

    I know the place. The music is indeed so romantic <3

  20. Mihai says:

    Fara doar si poate o locatie foarte interesanta…

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