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Social Places of Bucharest – Fior di Poesia

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    Bare with me, we took these pictures early in the morning. And you know how I feel about mornings…     Lace by Malvina dress – vintage necklace – Smiling Shoes  Photos of me by Serban Cristea       I`ve been a little  absent on the blog lately – didn`t have the time to […]

19 September 2015 / By / 17 Comments

Social Places of Bucharest – Kunnai

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  Anne and I – She was being positive, tonic and I was making a fuss about being hectic and hysterical and tired – she was also telling me about her new project, Sofa, of which I`m going to test soon – yeah, that one is in my neighbourhood too   Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels, H&M […]

8 July 2015 / By / 15 Comments

Social Places of Bucharest – Fratellini Bistro

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  Brace yourself  for this is my latest and obviously, newest and deepest social place.   Ingrid Vlasov blouse – Diesel jeans – Louboutin heels – traditional apron Photos by Mihai Dina     Not because it`s positioned near to my home – yeah, I know, almost everything happens in that area (you have no choice […]

29 June 2015 / By / 20 Comments

Social Places of Bucharest? Nope…of CLUJ, again

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  One day I`m Cruella, one day I`m Me. Might be confusing, I know, but where would be the fun without it. When it comes to what I do in my public life the greatest reward is meeting the special people who follow my adventures. And yes, they really are special. Common sensed, fun, witty, […]

11 June 2015 / By / 16 Comments

Social Places of Bucharest? Nope…of CLUJ

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  You know, being friends with a food aficionado has its perks. Mazetta told me about this new place which has opened recently in Cluj. – You`ll love it, it has a spectacular design. She said. And then started talking for a hour about the food they serve. Because you know,  I am renowned for […]

16 May 2015 / By / 18 Comments