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 Ana Morodan 1


My new professional life started as the first personal style blogger in Romania. That was 5 years ago. Today, I am an online entrepreneur and a public person. It was a long road, filled with moments when I had to work from basically everywhere. I blogged from the back couches of clubs, from holidays, from picnics, from gas stations, from the car. In between shootings, I climbed rooftops for finding internet signal, from airports. I payed outrageous sums of money to be able to use internet on the plane. Because  Things Had To Be Done. Basically, my whole business relies on technology.


I`m connected to it almost non stop. It it not addiction, it`s business, my business. And I enjoy doing it. Ok, I admit, when the internet connection fails my heart skips a beat. Like that time when I had to go at Loft just to have internet. The whole seaside was internet-less. Imagine me, in the back of the couch, blogging and posting while everybody was dancing. I was this creeped out midget shouting hysterically that I don`t have internet. After arriving at Loft and started posting, my laptop dies. That moment was one in which I thought I`ll for sure get mad #thehorrordays


I`m testing the future step of technology during the Countless Ways of Working campaign by Intel. The new 2 in 1 laptop concept is perfectly fit for Business on The Go.


And I for one, I`m literally on the go with every mean of transportation.


Ana Morodan 10

Ana Morodan



Having a laptop and a tablet in the same gadget might prove quite helpful especially when you have an active way of working. And what`s great is that the battery last for a whole day. The new No Wire technology brings me to heaven. Well, basically, brings me to a floating swan boat in the middle of Cluj. After all, that`s the beauty of working for your own business. You decide how eccentric you live and work. ana-9


Ana Morodan 6

Ana Morodan 9

Ana Morodan 5

Ana Morodan 8

Ana Morodan 2Zara clogs and robe – H&M pants and earrings – Proenza Schouler bag

HP Spectre x360 Laptop 2 in 1

Photos by Anca Cheregi











 2 in 1 Morodan



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  1. Anda Pop says:

    Boyyyy, you really have come a long way. I imagine it was not easy but you are the most special of them all so it was all worth it I say 🙂

  2. Alina says:

    hahahaha, this made my DAY. My week actually. Great job Ana and congrats Intel for associating with such an inspiring lady. <3

  3. Lia says:

    This is so, so, so freshhhhh. I got tired of all the `scared` faces of all the bloggers. You are always so different 🙂

  4. High Heels says:

    I feel what you say. I`m an entrepreneur too and I`ve also worked basically from everywhere. And yes, 2 in 1 laptops are heaven

  5. Elena Lucian says:

    The earringsssss and the baggggggg. Ok, and the swan :))))))

  6. Claudia says:

    2 in 1 laps are Heaven. I agree. And I feel what you say. I live like this too 🙂

  7. Cristina S says:

    Da, ai dreptate Ana. Cand esti pe cont propriu trebuie sa muncesti non stop si practic oriunde. Da in hidrobicicleta n-am ajuns inca :))))) Misto ideea. <3

  8. Style Minions says:

    hahahahaha, this made my day

  9. Ane Marie Tursanu says:

    You look so cute on video <3 And I like the project. I`m coming back tomorrow with my pic. The dress is everything

  10. Miruna says:

    Doamne Morodan. Numa tu poti face din astea si sa pari si cool while doing it. Imi place campania si tu i-ai dat o nota vesela 🙂

  11. Ella B says:

    Hai ca esti bine :))))))))))))))))))

  12. Mimi says:

    This JUST MADE MY DAY 🙂 And yeah, I`m a follower since your bginnings. You`ve come a long way and you`ll be even more successful. I know for sure. You are Unique

  13. Doina Ionescu says:

    Pot sa inteleg ca lucrezi de oriunde, asa ni se intampla si noua, surorii mele si mie. Asta e normal cand esti pe fortele tale. Si oricum, faci o treaba minunata 🙂

  14. Carmen The Fashion says:

    Bravo Ana. Mereu reusesti sa ne faci sa zambim si sa asimilam informatie constructiva. Intel te a ales corect 🙂

  15. Anita V says:

    Super idee si outfitul tau e casualo genial. Love, love, love

  16. Ioana Bercea says:

    Ce idee trasnita :))))))

  17. Mistress B says:

    2 in 1 e ce trebuie, am si eu si e super folositor

  18. Alina Neptunus says:

    Cat de simpatic arata cadrul LOVEE

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