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I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the end of summer I always picture myself in Rome. Like three years ago when I spent an amazing September in Rome. I pictured myself as being a little Audrey Hepburn in the princess role from “Roman Holiday”.

The breathtaking architecture, the elegant Italian women, the fascinating jewellery stores and their yummy food and melancholic vibe, just like in a retro movie.

I can almost touch those feelings everyday now. I’ve discovered the new shower gels from Palmolive – Mediterranean Moments and one of them in particular is so Italy inspired.

If I were to ramble the streets of Rome right now I would probably wear this outfit and walk this royal dog. Like a true royal, psychotic midget that I am!


Morodan the amazing Countess



Which brings me to the surprise I have for you today – Palmolive asked me to put together a bunch of cool and chic objects that remind me of the Italian vibe, which you guys can win.


Since I’m a fashionista, here are the following things I found for you guys





  1. The perfect summer dress. Comfy and chic, this basic dress can get you out of a million of “I don’t know what to wear” situations
  1. Face Hunter’s visual diary. Since we’re speaking about travel, let’s get inspired from a man who has seen almost every corner of this world
  1. The Statement Necklace – I’m Ana Morodan. I rest my case!
  1. A Shabby Chic deco object – It’s so romantic and feminineeee. Plus it reminded me how the princess is always trapped in a social cage – Roman Holiday, remember?
  1. The Roman Holiday original soundtrack on iTunes. Because after a long hard day, a princess just wants to sink in a bathtub and relax.


Now, for you to win any of these object you should go to this dedicated album on Palmolive Romania’s Facebook Page, search the one you like from my picks, share it to your Facebook profile with the hashtag #lunaPalmolive and then come back here and leave a comment with the shared link from your profile.


Best if you do this by September 5th, 23:59, the latest.

Goodluck kittensss!



UPDATE – 9.09.13


So, after a few hours of counting the comments, establishing the valid ones and true randomly generating the winners, here they are:


1. Cristina Soos – the winner of the perfect summer dress

2. The Statement necklace goes to Amza Mari Elisa

3. Luciana Codreanu gets the Face Hunter book

4. The deco object goes to Anna Rose

5. Frant Tascu  will romantically dance on the Roman Holiday sound track


Congrats guys! Send me your contact in an email!




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  1. Simona says:

    I simply adore the necklace and I would truly wish to wear it as the statement of my bride dress.

  2. Alexandra. says:

    Sper sa nu mai treaca norocul asa razant pe langa mine de data asta.. 🙂

  3. IULIA says:

    Imi doresc colivia pentru ca e “suportul” perfect pentru un aranjament floral cu aer mediteranean vintage (ma gandesc la lavanda si dantela). Mmmmmm…

    Asta-i pasiunea mea…sa ma “joc” cu florile 🙂

  4. Alexandra says:
    Excelenta sursa de inspiratie, ca si tine de altfel:)

  5. alinadiana says:

    Imi plac foarte mult bijuteriile tale,iar colierul acesta este superb!:)

  6. Manuela says:

    Locul ei este in camea mea. Se potriveste perfect cu designul adoptat de mine!
    Foarte inspirata alegerea, Ana Morodan 😀

  7. sasha says:

    Beautiful dog! 🙂 de cand e foto ? 🙂 tu cu parul lung.

  8. Madalina says:

    I love it ! It’s absolutely gorgeaous. I really like statement necklace , it is a must have for every girl !

  9. baciu corina says:

    un dizain frumos

  10. O rochita superba ! <3 <3 <3

  11. Andreea says:

    A real “romantic” necklace! 🙂

  12. Andreea says:

    A real “romantic” necklace!

  13. Andreea says:

    A real “romantic” necklace!

  14. Lux says:

    Done, done and done! I love Yvan Rodic and I didn’t get to see him when he was in Romania, but I’m not a spoiled brat, so I’ll settle for the book.

    Kisses! <3

  15. Am si eu colierul statement de la Zara! 🙂

  16. Loredana says:

    Rochita asta a fost dragoste la prima vedere, delicata si vesela, usor de purtat si jucausa, chiar te scoate din situatii diverse.
    Toate bune!

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