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27 August 2013 / By / 9 Comments

Morodanette wearing Banke

MorodanetteMy new end of summer love is this cotton dress from Baukjen, Bensimon sneakers and Chanel bag

© Serban Cristea



Hello mes chers,

Still hectic days, I can’t imagine how it is not to be like that anymore. But no complaining, no, no, we wanted to pass the Stepford wives statute and become the feminist wasps queens we are now so…in my face, sort to speak.

Now, you are probably wondering what I was texting about. Well, I was debating the Alexa Chung issue. I am sorry, but for me she’s not this inspiring fashion icon, this supreme cool-ness factor or this interesting persona, the world talks so passionately about. Maybe it’s because I always liked different things, different people, different experiences from the rest of the people around me. Not because I’m special, which I actually am (#bragger), but because I get mesmerized by fascinating things and Alexa Chung, to me, does not inspire that.

There, one more topic checked.

After ending this text debate I went on a quest  – yes, it was actually a f-ing quest, when you are searching for something of quality in Romania – of searching for fabrics for a new project that I am involved in. And right there, in the middle of the square, there it was – THE BILLBOARD I DRAW FOR AVON!


Morodan on the Billboard

Morodan painted a billboard


Cool, right? I love the campaigns Avon develops lately. This company has a very well trained and creative team and their work is beginning to be more and more visible and appreciated.

The “Color your life and AVON gives you a LIKE” campaign was thought for Avon ‘s latest make-up line and our billboards were exhibited all around Romania. The one I drew is in Bucharest so let me know if you see it. Here’s a hint – Mosilor Street.

Each one of the divettes who were invited to draw were helped by one Art student so I wanna thank mine – Ioana Popescu – for being my awesome helper.


Well, at my last inventory, this year I was super tall, twice. First here, then today.
Fantastique! Fantastique, I tell ya!



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Super Cool Ana !!!!
    Doar proiecte MARETE in ultimul timp 😉
    La cat mai multe si cat mai mari iti doresc 🙂 Likey likey the dress <3
    Pupici :*:*

  2. Micsunica says:

    Adorrrrr rochia asta, love it darling ! Muah!

  3. Jena Lewis says:

    You look gorgeous in this dress, and i love your happyness, it is contageous 🙂 lovely project with Avon <3

    • Yacine says:

      Ana – Wow lady you are good!! (Not that I didn’t already know this) How fun to see our faces on your blog since I have only been a Sally blog stklear for the past few months. I love them especially the top crazy ones!

  4. Georgette says:

    nice outfit for a quest (hihi!) the dress puts your figure into a great light. keep smiling and working, you are an inspiration for me dear

  5. Chic&Chic says:

    the chic quest in the city! we love your outfit! so, after all, the Bensimons are not that bad 😀

  6. Luana Girea says:

    happy you are proud, i would be too! good job Ana!

  7. Dianaaa says:

    oh what a shiny shiny lady :))) can’t wait to find out about your new project!

  8. Karlyn Cua says:

    Hi, I am Karlyn Cua, currently managing the fb, twitter, instagram of BenismonPH. We love how you styled your Bensimons and would like to feature your photos at our fb, twitter and instagram pages as stylespiration. In line with this we will properly credit you and your blog for the photos. We hope for a favorable response from you. Thank you and have a good day! 🙂

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