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Morodan is having funDo you like my cat eye, pearled sunglasses ?!?!? A?!? Gaga enough? Ah, you don’t…fine…



So? Are you excited about the gloomy weather?

Yes, I am! Autumn is much more fun! It has the perfect dose of melancholy, the nature starts being out of this world, perfect weather, lots of rain (calms my mind), books, another fashion season, classical music, umbrellas, silence so that you can hear your thoughts, fallen leaves, pumpkins and me! Yes, me, Autumn is me!

This year I’ve decided that here, at my chateau/blog we are gonna celebrate the arrival of this amazingly fascinating season.


With a series of giveaways that I’ve prepared for you! (#becauseiloveyouguys)

Yes, I know, it’s a marvelous idea!


Here is the first one:


Giveaway Dixiplex


I know that we all would want to attend the “George Enescu” Festival and unfortunately the tickets run out so quickly that many of you couldn’t get your pretty chic  hands on one.

No worries, I have found the solution for you my darlings! Now, for the first time, you can watch a classical concert in a cinema, streamed live and you my darling friends, can win 10 double invitations (each winner gets one double invitation) at the only cinema that does that – Grand Cinema Digiplex


Below you can see the details:


Miercuri, 11 septembrie, ora 17.00

Orchestra Filarmonicii „George Enescu”

Transmis live de la Ateneul Roman

Dirijor si solist: RUDOLF BUCHBINDER


L. van Beethoven – Concertul nr. 2 pentru pian si orchestra in Si bemol Major op. 19
L. van Beethoven – Concertul nr. 4 pentru pian si orchestra in Sol Major op. 58
L. van Beethoven – Concertul nr. 3 pentru pian si orchestra in do minor op. 37


 .Now, because in Autumn I always listen to Beethoven (my father was always doing that when I was little and it kinda stuck with me) I picked this concert for you guys and for you to be one of the winners you just have to leave a comment below and tell me which Beethoven symphony do you like best and why (only one phrase).

I’ll pick 10 of you lucky people in the 6th of September.


C ‘mon people, let’s get cultural!

UPDATE – 05.09.13


Here are the lucky winners of a double invitation at Grand Cinema Digiplex for the transmission of the live concert

1.       Sorina

2.       Marie

3.       Sanda Cojocaru

4.       Andreea

5.       Bianca B

6.       Elena

7.       Sasha

8.       Oq        

9.       Roxana C

10.   Lazar Adrian

Make sure each one of you guys send me an email with your exact names so that we can put your in the lists.

Congrats kittens and enjoy!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Morodan von Beethoven

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  1. Sorina says:

    Cea mai frumoasa bucata muzicala pe care am auzit-o in viata mea…
    “Sonata Lunii”.

    Si cand ma gandesc ca omu’ ala era surd cand a compus-o… te face sa reflectezi la anumite chestii…

  2. Marie says:

    no. 3 relaxes my mind so deeply and inspires me with hopes for the shiny best
    love this giveaway!

  3. Symphony nr 5, because it was new and unusual for its time, as some of us are for our time.

  4. Andreea Bucovineanu says:

    Symphony No.1 in C major

  5. Andreea says:

    My favorite Beethoven Symphony is No. 5 (The Destiny Symphony) because it was my parents wedding song and for me it is the symbol of a loving, lasting marriage which I hope one day Destiny will offer me too.

  6. Bianca B says:

    I think i will always like the 5th, after a Sunday morning when my dad played it really loud, just to teach me that how parties are all about balanced drinking 🙂 I was 17, hungover and, needless to say, not amused at the time; but it did stick with me and it’s still a fun memory to look back on.

  7. Simfonia 4 imi trezeste intotdeauna spiritul, remarc de fiecare data vibratiile instrumentelor si miscarile vii ale notelor, introducerea lenta ma ajuta sa ma relaxez si ma pregateste pentru complexitatea sunetelor ce vor urma, este ideala seara, dupa cina, cand savurezi un pahar de vin rosu.

  8. Crissy says:

    Imi place Beethoven. Imi place sa ascult muzica lui seara, cand pregatesc cina, in timp ce sorb vin rosu dintr-un pahar cu picior inalt si gandurile mele plutesc unul dupa altul mai mai lin si mai placut.

  9. Lazar Adrian says:

    Buna Ana!
    L. van Beethoven – Concertul nr. 4 pentru pian si orchestra in Sol Major op. 58 deorece pur si simplu imi incanta auzul.

  10. Roxana C. says:

    Symphony No.9, because I associated with my childhood, as it was one of my first encounters with music.

  11. Elena says:

    Concertul nr 3 este preferatul meu datorita melanjului de sentimente pe care acesta il trezeste in mine, o trecere suava de la melancolie la savoarea pe care o implica trairea unei clipe, a unui moment unic. Pentru mine aceasta este muzica adevarata ( cea clasica).
    Felicitari, draga Ana, pentru aceasta initiativa minunata!

  12. Laura says:

    Simfonia a 7-a. Mi se pare muzica clasica in forma pura. Relaxanta si invioratoare in acelasi timp.
    Superb concurs, minunata ideea celor de la Grand Cinema Digiplex.

  13. sasha says:

    Eu am nostalgii cu Oda bucuriei – simfonia a 9-a. O cantam la cor pana ni se facea rau. La propriu. Solicita diafragma. 🙂

  14. oq says:

    Interesant, multumim pentru idee; Simfonia a 9-a e favorita, pentru ca e si cea mai familiara.
    Desigur, pe locul 1 ramane diafana Moonlight Sonata :).
    O ozi cat mai placuta!

  15. Bianca Mihaela says:

    Simfonia a 9-a. O consider revigoranta si in acelasi timp relaxanta.
    Minunata idee!

  16. Cristina H says:

    simfonia a 5a pentru caruselul de emotii

  17. Alexandra Iulia says:

    Preferatul meu este concertul nr. 5 Imperial pentru ca eleganta acordurilor line ce se imbina cu vibratii suave imi incanta simturile si imi redau linistea si speranta.

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