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8 October 2012 / By / 6 Comments
© Serban Cristea
You know that lately I have a new weekend activity. One that I absolutely adore as a matter of fact.
What do you mean “What is it?!?!
You don’t listen to me properly when I speak with you?
Ok, ok, I’m kidding, I know that you have more important things to do but you must have remembered by know. No? No? No. Ok. I’m telling you – it’s my passion for visiting castles and country manors in our country.
This weekend I went to see the Brukenthal manor 
I loved it so, so much, I spent a whole day there. They have a peaceful garden bistro where you get to eat a delicious pumpkin soup and admire that magnificent garden. They say it’s the only garden in Romania that hosts more than twenty balls per year.
Decorated with autumn inspired elements, filled with polite stuff and smiling people this manor proved to be that good example of beauty preservation in Romania.


I’m telling you this cause you don’t want me to remember how many other castles and grandiose mansions I’ve seen and they were left to decay.
The people there told us so many stories about the people who lived there and their habits. It sounded so decadent and etiquette like, like a world that doesn’t exist now.
Diaphanous and serene, it made my day even more dreamy than it was making me feel like a nymph.
About the other element that I’m wearing, the grape headband, in another episode.
Au revoir kittens

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  1. Irina-Alina says:

    You are soososos pretty! And the dress is amazing!

  2. georgi says:

    you always have a great idea and a perfect style <3 - that's why you are my biggest source of inspiration

  3. You look lovely!

  4. Emanuel I. says:

    I do love more & more the pictures that Serban takes you.
    Soon I’ll will contact you guys for an “ménage à trois” .

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