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Now, you most certainly expect me to tell you how marvelous my weekend was at the seaside, how I enjoyed the sun and had a lavishly picnic but no, no, I’m not gonna do that, because:
1. it’s nothing out of the ordinary and everybody enjoys spring in this kind of manner. 
2. I’m a smart ass ” “
Therefore, today we will speak about a more important matter  – what happens to your hair when at the seaside!
Now, if I think closely I can sum everything in a few simple words/one phrase – “It looks like crap. “
And no matter how hard you’ll try to calm it down, it will still arrange itself  like crap. Crap and hair are soul mates when it comes to sea air.
I was in a youthful company and a lady my age has to look properly arranged (although frankly, those younger women are so much more sophisticated than I was when I was their age) that’s why my search for the perfect tool (again, after a certain age mother nature is just not enough, the drama!!!).
Cami, who’s the hairstylist around here once told me that the only tool my hair needs to stay in place in emergency situations like this is the hairdryer. Now, because I’m a total idiot when it comes to beauty stuff, my hairdryer is or better yet was a stupid little toy-the dryer that I had since ages (many, many ages, from the time when mother nature was treating me gently too!).
Was because I found it! The Holy Grail of hairdryers was just right under my nose and I, like a completely stupid leprechaun, missed it.  Remember last year when I  found that amazing ghd website ?
Just like “from zero to hero” I did the same with my used for ages, little hairdryer and gone to “Best Style Gadget of the year” and “Best Hair Styler” for the 8th year in a row at the “InStyle Beauty Awards” with Katy Perry as ambassador ( find it here).
So now, the next time I’ll visit the seaside I can intoxicate you guys with mushy stories about how amazing the sea, the sun, the sand and my friends are and all the cliche stories you read all around the internet.

That’s it.

Au Revoir, Goodbye, Arrivederci.

ahh, I forgot to tell you what I’ve actually done at the seaside but I’ll leave that for next week.
btw, I’m just 27, it’s ok, I was like always just drama queening and making fun of myself.


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  1. Man, you sure make a beach picnic look super glamorous! 🙂


  2. You look Ahamazaing!!! Best picnic ever. now you sure gave me an idea. 🙂

  3. aber neeeeeein! my hair goes curly x 1 million when @ seaside. oh, wait! that was great when I had long hair, now… don’t know about that, hmmmm…

  4. My Style says:

    Champagne on the beach…what can you want more from life?

    It will mean the world for me if you check out my blog: Thank you!

  5. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce-ti mai place sampania!
    Super poze. Numai tu puteai sa stai pe plaja, la un ppicnic, in Martie…
    Ti pup…

  6. stilistele says:

    now that’s a picnick! enjoyed much the croissants? (envy)

  7. Ana Burloiu says:


    Love the sweater and the necklace, can you tell me where you’ve got them from?



  8. Actually my hair is not going curly at the seaside though I wish it would become curlier sometimes! But thanks for the Holly Grail tip 😉 Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Adee says:

    Heanvenly even with messy hair!

  10. Anna C says:

    so ideal <3

  11. Andreea says:

    great pics..and the idea of a beach picnic is just amazing!

  12. Anna says:

    oh god I feel you! I live at the seaside and my hair is never normal :)) Gorgeous pictures and outift!

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  14. Super poze. Numai tu puteai sa stai pe plaja, la un ppicnic, in Martie…Rush essay

  15. Macy says:

    Frumoase poze si frumoasa tinuta 🙂 imi place si decorul, totul e minunat 🙂

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