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4 April 2012 / By / 5 Comments

After that unforgettable day when I realized that I don’t like toys anymore but my mom’s clothes instead, I began falling in love with different designers. At first it was Chanel, it was the story, we always love the stories behind the clothes, then Givenchy and Oscar de la Renta, after that, Alaia and Margiela received my eternal gratitude. I madly loved Ackermann and the list can go on until present times.

Venera Arapu was the first Romanian designer I have heard of (after Zina, ofc) that remained on my mind. I knew her designs along with her every public event that was always a true and powerful personal style lesson. Tommy, Hanneli or Tamu would go mad after her but Venera is more focused on creating beautiful designs than making those vanity displays.

She was the first public personality to mix designer items with affordable pieces that I’ve noticed. I moved to Bucharest and her ultra chic restaurant was on my “must go” list and until today is still my favorite one. My Venera Arapu  items are the ones that always make the seasonal wardrobe cleaning and always remain right there in their special spot of my closet.

I’m telling you this because although my likes towards different types of designers might have changed through the years, she remained right there shinning glamourously and refined.


And then, all of a sudden (ok, not all of a sudden, Maria was the fairy regarding this action), I met her and time stood still for a second. Then she said “Bonjour”



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  1. Love your dress and shoes! Stunning outfit as always!


  2. Emanuel I. says:

    Hehee…Despre acest eveniment era vorba in postarile anterioare?
    E o super-femeie , un degner desarvarsit si un om de afaceri extrem de inspirat!
    Congrats for this chance!

  3. Ana says:

    You look so cute in that nude dress:) very lady like

  4. Sherleyzz says:

    Your dress is amazing,the sandals too!:))


  5. Anonymous says:

    Outfit-ul este superb, perfect accesorizat. Sandalele ce firma sunt?

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