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Snobbish Breakfast dress, I Became Addicted & H&M jewelry

I’ve read somewere that vanity is by far the most spread disease of the 21st century. When you have people around you that encourage this kind of attitude your chances of ever being a counterpoised person are becoming equal to zero.

I’m sure you all remember when The Place first opened. How we all wanted to buy something from this concept store, even a little lighter or a post card, because it would certificate us as being hipsters (stop with the negative quotation of the word). Through the years, The Place  remained the concept store where you can find the coolest magazines, the highest Louboutins and the most structural dresses. Posing in their windows was one of the most awesome guilty pleasures I’ve had lately.

This whole concept was Ioana and Claudiu’s idea. We are all familiar with their blog – as a fashion journalism blog that brings us the most fresh, controversial and accurate fashion news. Since I suffer from the already mentioned above disease, I was ecstatic when they proposed this to me. It took them 14 minutes (on the clock)  to built the concept and the outfit around this idea. I wish I were so creative and spontaneous…

You can see Claudiu’s reflection in the windows. He forgot his Lagerfeld costume at home though…

So, posing in The Place’s window, checked, moving on to the next phase of my “things to do before I move to NY list”

 Thank you Noemi!


All of you smitten kittens who waste your time clicking on High Street Cardigans daily have noticed  by now that I’m in a black period. No, nobody died, my boyfriend is still calling me and I’m not depressed. Also, be relaxed, despite of what some people may say, my heart is not black and I’m not a witch (always dreamed of being one though). Also nr. 2, please don’t start with the negative energy topic. Now, with this being cleared out, I humbly thank you for your concern and no, mum, no, I’m not in a satanic cult either.

To answer all of your questions on this topic – I always was more of a nude tones person than of a all my wardrobe on me one. I love Carine more than Anna.


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  1. This is so much fun! You look AMAZING!
    (hehe, I love your little note about wearing black a lot lately…it looks good on you so who cares 😉 )

  2. Adee says:

    Foarte interesanta ideea de a poza in vitrina magazinului The Place Concept Store. Pot spune ca te invidiez 🙂

  3. Emanuel I. says:

    Foarte originala idee!
    Felicitarii tuturor, a iesit o treaba extraordinara!

  4. Irina Turcu says:

    witches have all the fun, anyway…;)

  5. Anaivilo says:

    Brilliant photos!! I simply adore the idea too and the location is indeed amazing! 😀

  6. colorsdiary says:

    great setup, u look awesome

  7. Melania says:

    Wow, girl, you really put me down! 😀

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