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So, here’s the long story short. There’s this new gadget everyone is talking about. Better yet, everyone was talking about it even before this gadget was on the market. You’ve probably heard everyone talking about the new revelation, the new era, the facial gadget of all gadgets, the UFO. At first I was intrigued because I didn’t understand how exactly it works, then I started studying the matter, then I understood how it works, then I waited for its launch, then I got it, then I was amazed. The end. The happy end.

Ok, fine, not the end. This is actually the beginning. It is not the end because this gadget came into my life in a moment when I was becoming a mask addict.  The Law of Attraction really works, people. For so many years I considered them useless and most of all messy. Too much headache. I would say pas, pas, pas to masks over and over again. Lately, however, I was pleased to notice their effects on my skin and started to test all kinds of masks. For glowing, hydration, pores, smoothness and so on. Well, to find a gadget which not only applies the mask but does a full cosmetic treatment at home in 90 seconds sounded like bliss but still unbelievable. Until I received the smart mask FOREO UFO.


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Now, buckle up as I will explain everything about this new magic device. I may sound a bit technical but I really want you to understand it’s magic and the types of cool technologies it has inside.

FOREO UFO is the world’s most advanced smart mask – putting you on the fast track to flawless-looking skin and turning a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second spa-worthy facial.


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Well, the UFO offers a complete facial treatment in a fraction of the time required for conventional sheet masks or the time costly trips to the cosmetic salon. By using FOREO UFO at home I save around 5 days every year. Wooww, more ME time!

The facial treatment device is built to evenly distribute mask essence across every area of the face and ensure penetration of the mask substances into the pores.

More accurate, this little pretty easy to use device is packed with 6 different technologies, which you may know from complicated procedures in the salon during facial treatments. Yass, they are all available now in one device and we can use it at home.

The Hyper-Infusion Technologycombines heating, cooling & T-Sonic pulsations to 
instantly infuse serum into the deepest layers of skin, for superior results, also providing a soothing facial massage.

Each unique UFO treatment incorporates a carefully chosen combination of 
temperature & pulsation intensity for maximum effect.

Also the Thermo-Therapy Mode provides a comfortable, gentle heat that enhances skin’s absorption of UFO-Activated Masks’ ingredients, boosts circulation to move nutrients and proteins around the body, while shifting 

The Cryo-Therapy 
(and this is my favorite ever) offers a gently refreshing experience that instantly lifts and firms skin, while shrinking the appearance of pores and reducing puffiness. The application of cold temperatures to the face causes blood vessels to 
constrict, minimizing redness and reducing inflammation, while lifts, tones and revitalizes the skin.


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Now, let’s talk about the magic LED Light Therapy as the FOREO UFO comes with full-spectrum RGB LED Lights. Sounds complicated? Well, maybe. But it’s all very simple. The facial treatment device offers 3 photo facials in 1. The blue light works magic on acne, the green light has brightening effect and the red light has anti-ageing properties.


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Manuri dress 

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu


Honestly now, you know that lately I have become this huge freak about cosmetic treatments and skin care products as I FINALLY understood the importance of taking care of your face. Let me tell you one thing. Ever since I started using the UFO I really feel that my skin is on a right track and I can easily see that it brighter, more radiant and fresh. As a bonus, this gadget looks very cute, it is really easy to use at home and you have three chic colors to chose from. Yep, naturally, mine is pink. For more information about FOREO UFO please click this link or download the FOREO app. Ohh, one more thing. You have two types of masks – one for morning and one for evening, both of them enriched with nutrients carefully chosen for our uber polluted environment and, also, stressed complexions.


You can find the UFO device and the masks in the Douglas stores and online hereThe masks really have an effect on your face and with the help of UFO all the messiness of using them just disappeared! So, buckle up and get in this UFO adventure. You won’t be sorry!


Muah, muah, muah from me and my fresh face.



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  1. Mihaela Alexa says:

    Cat de frumoasa e rochita cu stele!!! E din matase, nu? Arata fooooarte bine, de unde e?

  2. AndadotPanda says:

    Esti superba, Ana! Ti-ai facut vreo interventie estetica? Vreau si eu sa-mi fac nasul si voiam sa-mi recomanzi si mie un medic bun. Merci

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Not yet, just Photoshop, asta planuiesc si eu cu nasul dar nu sunt convinsa inca, cand gasesc si daca ma decid, te anunt 🙂

  3. Mirela says:

    Esti superba. Arati foarte bine nemachiata. Parca te prinde bine si fara rujul rosu. 😀

  4. Melya says:

    You’re #AMAZING babe! I adore your style!

  5. Patricia Peep says:

    Stii cumva daca aparatele astea sunt ok si pentru cuperoza? Am mai vazut pe la diferite fete si as vrea sa le incerc, dar am tenul cu probleme si nu stiu daca e ok sau nu.. merci!

  6. Jamilla says:

    I have this new UFO device and it`s definitely the best. My skin looks clean and healthy. I feel great!

  7. Crisaa says:

    Unde ai gasit nava spatiala? E foarte fain cum ai corelat decorul cu produsul UFO. Mereu sunteti super pe faza la detaliile astea mici. Bravo!

  8. Bogdan Mastro says:

    cea mai frumoasa blogherita <3 doar la tine ma uit mereu

  9. Bianca says:

    Ana, aparatul asta vine si cu mastile sau trebuie sa le cumpar eu separat?
    Le am pe celelalte, sunt geniale si il vreau si pe asta rapid. Sunt foarte multumita de ele 🙂

  10. Alexandra Jo says:

    unde se gaseste aparatul asta? e mai bun decat luna mini 2?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Luna e aparat de curatare, asta este un tratament cosmetic, de fapt mai multe 🙂

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