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anetaI am wearing an Elena Perseil dress, Prada sunglasses from Aviatorilor 41 and The Edgy Lady heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Summer Capsule Collection 

© Serban Cristea




Buenos dias world,

What are you doing this Monday?


I am still under the apricot tree – the perks of freelancing  – writing this and settling my agenda for this week.


Due to some urgent matters I am forced to extend my stay in this part of the country, therefore, tomorrow`s book club will be moved on the 26th. All of you have already subscribed will receive an email with this notification. To the ones of you who planned to just show up, I really hope you read this.





Untitled-1Maybe it`s a trend or maybe I am getting old but as I told you before, nature and all things related with the simple pleasures of life, are starting to become my first go to when it comes to relaxation strategies.

This wheat field made me think of folklore`s summer fairies. When we stopped near it for a walk the clouds were above us, wind was blowing softly but firmly and in the afternoon silence all we could hear was the wheat spikes moving.

Ok, I`m starting to sound like Liviu Rebreanu.

You got the picture. Goodbye












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  1. Yanna & Llana says:

    beautiful! enjoy the stay in nature, hope you are good Annette!

  2. Dana Toma says:

    frumusica foc rochia! o ador!

  3. oana oana says:

    pretty lady arati aplendid, si mi-ai dat o stare de bine cand te-am vazut in lanul de grau, chiar ca-ntr-un roman unde vantul se aude printre cuvinte si cerul te face sa iti simti inima 🙂

  4. WANDA says:

    of nu ma satur de sandalele astea, sunt minunate!

  5. Queen of Style says:

    hope everything is ok where you are, enjoy your summer darling!

  6. Raza de Soare says:

    nu ne suparam draga noastra! multumim ca ne-ai anuntat!

  7. Raza de Soare says:

    i am hugely happy that you are making time for yourself, it is something to learn from, all of us …

  8. Fete Fine says:

    e minunat ca esti acolo,
    bucura-te de aceste clipe si intorce-te cu forte proaspete!

    numai bine!

  9. Rachel Jones says:

    blue sky and golden fields..all i want from my summers…

  10. ulma says:

    you are gorgeous in the wheat field just like in the crowded Bucharest! love ya! have fun and enjoy the stay!

  11. High Heels says:

    cromatically your outfit looks great in that scenary, great!

  12. Nenuna Dupa Roz says:

    imi place la nebunie colectia de ta pantofi@smiling shoes, in special sandalele, le-as purta pe toate, ca sa nu mai vorbesc de rochia pe care o porti, este minunat sca iti faci timp sa fii chic chiar si cand te relaxezi, e important pentru o lady

  13. vera says:

    frumoasa poveste de vara 🙂

  14. Ella Thompson says:

    I would give anything to come to Romania and see a field of wheat like this one!

  15. Silvia Traian says:

    Nice mood, mi s-a facut dor sa ma plinb cu masina prin tara asta frumoasa

  16. Xenia Cutun says:

    Ca o floricica rasarind dintr-un camp de grau <3

  17. Fashion Addicted Girls says:

    The tiny leopard lady looking perfectly chic in nature!

  18. Alex says:

    Doamne, asta chiar este cea mai frumoasa rochita pe care am vazut-o in ultima vrea. Arati superb, Ana!

  19. Anca says:

    Deja au secerat graul? Pfff, trebuie sa mai ies din Bucuresti. Foarte frumoasa rochia!

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