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Ana Morodan

anamorodan com 4

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anamorodan com 1

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anamorodan com 6

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anamorodan com

anamorodan com 9I am wearing heels from my summer capsule for Smiling Shoes and a beautiful Corina Vladescu blouse available at  Molecule F

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Bacaro Port



 .IF WANT YOU TO LOOK AT THIS – and I want you to listen carefully what this guy says! Yes, it`s 20 minutes. Just listen!

After 20 minutes…


Now, I`m confident that at least half of you did listen to that fellow. I am not going to be a hypocrite here. I am an online entrepreneur. I think and do things for revenue but that was never my supreme goal! Neither it was when I started, nor it is now. Neither regarding this blog, nor regarding my special projects.


I always end all my speaking classes or conferences with my supreme argument and with what really motivates me – Inspiring other women to be confident, to feel free of judgements and fashion, to focus on the positive parts of life and on affordable style, on manners rather than coolness, on their power assets not on their flaws, on attitude rather than the physical aspect.



My Summer capsule collection for Smiling Shoes (available on the site in a few hours) is meant to do just that – to deliver an affordable, comfortable  product that might give you that little push towards the boost of confidence you need.

 .I want to inspire you to be strong and live for yourself. You`ll inspire the people around you. Life is magical! And for me, a pair of shoes can inspire me to feel that!


The Urban Lady, The Red Queen, The Edgy Lady and The Beige Dominatrix are the four models you will be able to shop from Smiling in a few hours.


Share you pairs and photos with #anamorodanatsmilingshoes



Thank you! Thank you for being here and for sharing with me yet again, another collaboration and project that I am proud of! Thank you for thinking the same as me! And thank you for believing in me! I for one, I will always believe in you!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Smiling Ana


*The Inspiring speech was shown to me by Serban who does what he does best – being one of a kind!



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  1. Zina Cool says:

    amazing collection! I want them all!

  2. denise fiona lewis says:

    wow i must say these are actually shoes i would wear, beautiful, feminine and not ordinary 🙂


    the red sandals are no 1 one my list!

  4. sorina raducanu says:

    arati superb! rochia este bestiala si tu la fel draga mea, o gura de aer proaspat intr-o zi aglomerata de Bucuresti 🙂

  5. visina chic says:

    hahaha chiar ca m-au facut sa zambesc pantofii, felicitari!

  6. Nobody's Wife says:

    extremely inspiring speech, i thing it is the best one I have ever heard actually

  7. We Have Style says:

    your outfit is wonderful Ana! you are the most inspiring online influencer, and i love what you stand for!

  8. ioana blagosloveanu says:

    ce discurs dragut :)))) si al tau si al domnului, iti scriu zambind ce sa mai 🙂
    la fel ca pantofii care apropo sunt superbi felicitari, ai de ce sa fii mandra!

  9. Die Style says:

    lovely! <3

  10. Eugenie Chat says:

    fermecatoare si plina de energie pozitiva :* muah!

  11. Why Noy says:

    definitely the look of the day!sandalele cu print de leopard sunt preferatele mele, desi imi plac toti, chiar i-as purta

  12. Style Bubble says:

    nice state of mind 🙂

  13. Kira Ioana says:

    extraordinar de frumosi sunt pantofii, cei negrii sunt foarte pe gustul meu, ma vad cu ei ohoooo!!!

  14. Happy says:

    the dose of inspiration i needed today! thank you for sharing that speech!

  15. From Style Country says:

    congratulations and good luck! looking beautiful!

  16. Sugar Lady says:

    mmmmm I will so be the urban lady now !
    I am waiting anxiously to buy them! 🙂

  17. Hera Anastasia Ciuntea says:

    stylingul este deosebit chiar imi place

  18. Lux says:

    Dragă Ana,

    Dacă sunt măcar pe jumătate confortabili cât sunt de frumoși, ai făcut o treabă minunată! Să ai o zi superbă!

  19. Chic&Chic says:

    true beauty…

  20. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    esti geniala, ce aparitie si ce discurs motivant! este reconfortant sa stiu ca exista oamnei ca tine care pot schimba lumea in bine prin ceea ce fac :*
    pantofii sunt chiar frumosi, bravo!

  21. question everything says:

    high class shoes!

  22. vera says:

    imi place ce vad, am share-uit 🙂 abia astept sa-mi primesc sandalele!

  23. Style of the Day says:

    perfect, i was just looking for some shoes!

  24. gina malina says:

    si multumim si noi pentru ca si tu crezi in noi :* esti atat de draguta si talentata Ana!

  25. J.S. Luna says:

    cea mai buna veste pe ziua de azi doamnelor si domnilor, nu e ca si cum nu stiam ca imi vor placea, dar abia aspteptam sa lansezi noua ta colectie de pantofi, am doua perechi din colectia trecuta si pur si simplu ii ador, sunt frumosi si comozi si feminini ce mi-as putea dori mai mult?

  26. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    love them! arata bine!

  27. Yummy Fashion says:

    mmmmm so beautiful, congratulations and keep up the good work

  28. La Famme says:

    the right shoes for the “now” lady, and affordable also indeed, like them 🙂

  29. XENIA says:

    red shoes are my passion, love the sandals, they are special
    and my secind option is…mmm…the beige dominatrix YES

  30. eremia stela says:

    grozav au toate avantajele pe care le-as putea dori de la oantofi, mai rar asa calitate si design la pretul asta

  31. Rochita Silviei says:

    abia asteptam sa imi pot cumpara sandalele leopard 😀

  32. Viviana Fashionista says:

    must have items, fetelor stay away from the black shoies sunt ai meeeiiiiii

  33. L. Edita says:

    thank you so much for sharing you posituvity it helps and kinda changed my life slowly and warmly 🙂

  34. Dianaaa says:

    vine vara bine-mi pare, o sa am sandale noi in picioare!

  35. Silvie the Stylish says:

    sleek hot and gorgeous

  36. Urania Banescu says:

    si eu eram nerabdataore sa lansezi noua colectie de pantofi Ana, iuhuuuuuu!

  37. Luca Maria Ionescu says:

    wow n-am mai auzit de mult un discurs atat de inspirational, cata devarat vorbeste omul…

  38. Baby Jean says:

    striking! love it!

  39. vivi says:

    yey 🙂 numai vesti bune de la tine Anette, sa ai o zi frumoasa ca tine
    asa cum ni le faci pe ale noastre

  40. Miu Miu says:

    Nici nu stiu care imi plac mai mult, dar cred ca prima pereche. SUperbe!!

    te pup.

  41. bianca says:

    you look fabulous, no surprise there! xoxo

  42. Iulia Cara says:

    doamne ce picioare frumoase ai 🙂 parca si mai frumoase sunt, se vede ca ai inceput sa mergi la sala! sper sa arate si ale mele mai frumoase in sandalele noi Urn din noua ta colectie! :*

  43. Les Chic says:

    Cea mai chic colectie de pantofi! Foarte reusita!

  44. La Feminin says:

    Cred ca voi fi invidiata in noua mea pereche de sandale 😉 tnks to you lovely!

  45. Style du Jour says:

    Nothing compares to a good look with the perfect shoes!!! congratulatiobs i am sure it will be a great succes, you won my heart already!

  46. Girls on Fire says:

    Am inebunit de placere si eu si prietenele mele :))))
    fiecare ne-am ales cate o pereche 🙂

  47. Fiona says:

    Sincer, imi plac, sper sa mi se potriveasca calapodul

  48. Laura Teodor says:


    CU DRAG,

  49. Soos Cristina says:

    SU PER BISIMA capsula “Smiling Morodan” 😉
    preferatele mele sunt sandalele negre 🙂
    LOVE <3

  50. This speech is so inspiring-as much as your outfits!

  51. Michael says:

    How can I find the red heels for my girl? She would love them!

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