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27 May 2014 / By / 19 Comments

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At the public`s demand, here it is – my next edition of Clubul de Carte al Anei

Everything you need to know is on the banner. Date, place, time, the book – it`s one of Rodica`s, what did you expect?

As always, if you want to come you have to send an email at and my team will handle the list with all of you.


Aaaaaa, I can`t wait to see the usual ladies who come religiously to every book club and I am anxious to meet the new ladies who will join.

See you on the 24 th of June at Escargot Bistro




Oh, and also watch this for a dose of sensibility, a sense of gratitude towards the things you tend to take for granted and share it. Someone might see it and help change this situation. And also, we can help as well. As little as we can. It matters. For some of us a glass of clear water matters!




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta von Bananetta



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  1. Maria says:

    rochia e superba, imi spui de unde ai achizitionat-o sau brandul? mrc anticipat! :*

  2. High Heels Boulevard says:

    so exciting :)))) i ordered the book! see us there!

  3. Ginger Girl says:

    what a wonderful thing to do on the 24th of june! this is so fancy and elegent and super cool that i have a huge smile on my face now 🙂

  4. Skinny Mary says:

    esti adorabila! imi place rochia si am citit cartea aleasa, mi-a placut


    extraordinara carte, un univers feminin delicios…

  6. Queen of Style says:

    nice event 🙂
    and Escargot Bistro is one of my favourite places to go!

  7. Raza Mirea says:

    sper sa pot ajunge, daca nu plec in vacanta pana atunci, voi veni si eu, mi se pare un lucru atata de dragut ca nu vreau sa lipsesc

  8. SILVIA SILVIA says:

    impresionant filmuletul…astazi voi bea apa altfel…

  9. denise fiona lewis says:

    great idea! see you soon then!

  10. Chic&Chic says:

    such beautiful and feminine dress!

  11. Fusta Bunicii says:

    Dumnezeule copii aia sunt atata de frumosi, mi s-a rupt sufletul cand am vazut filmuletul. intr-adevar, e gresit sa nu apreciem lucrurile pe care le avem acnd altii mor din cauza asta…

  12. Crina Stoicescu says:

    splendida initiativa! incurajez!

  13. Zina Cool says:

    in acest caz, eu voi fi una dintre membrele noi si entuziasmate :)))

  14. Eugene Marie says:

    tres chic event cherie 🙂

  15. Rodica Mariuca Marinescu says:

    hmmm da, m-a impresionat filmul, este socant, si asta mai ales pentru iti dai seama cat de putin ne gandim la ceilalti…

  16. Style Bubble says:

    you’re beautiful Ana!

  17. kiki's day says:

    🙂 mad about yout make-up with this dress

  18. Soos Cristina says:

    Doza ta de sensibilitate ma facut praf 🙁
    Siiii noi nu suntem multumiti cu ce si cat avem …

    Love <3

  19. Mirabela says:

    In sfarsit! 🙂
    Astept cu nerabdare!

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