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Well, we had a blast. And not just We, the Molecule F contributors or the Molecule F team, We as Everybody had a blast. It was a party with 1000 people where you could see all your heroes, starting with the glamour squad and ending with the underground scene, everybody was there.


It is my second year as a contributor for Molecule F – Morodan Day moved from Monday to any other day of the week – we like to be unpredictable – the Molecule F team grew and now has many new people and contributors and it became a very appreciated branding and pr boutique, besides keeping its crown as Romanian fashion IT online boutique.


And because words are not needed when you have a video, please take a peak of what The 4 Years Molecule F Celebration Party looked like.





To many years to come, dear Molecules!


You thought me that hard work pays off much more than any pr strategy and you also thought me that common sense is rare in our industry so I should keep mine.


You have my eternal admiration!





Aneta Morodaneta

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  1. Amalia says:

    a fost chiar o experienta fun si emotionanta, la multi ani Molecule F!!!!

  2. Ginger Girl says:

    multa multa veselie! dupa munca, si rasplata intr-adevar!

  3. helena christensen says:

    and there you are in the middle of attention Ana! looks like a great partey!

  4. Baby Jean says:

    stupendous crowd, the best of the best 😉

  5. Skinny Mary says:

    vai de mine cat m-am distrat, am fost la petrecere cu o prietena stilist, si am dansat si am ras incontinuu, te-am vazut pe scena, alaturi de echipa minunata de la Molecule F a fost atat de emotionant, pentru toata lumea! a fost un party special, plutea o energie pozitiva in aer, nu-i asa?

  6. Mariuca Stanescu says:

    toata crema fashion a fost acolo, cea mai cea petrecere <3 love!

  7. natasha guy says:

    you make a beautiful team together, I am happy they are growing so beautifully, they are really nice people, which is so rare in the fashion and art world

  8. Orlando says:

    Mirela este uimitor de frumoasa!

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