5 Deco Lessons Learned This Year at La Maison

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27 November 2016 / By / 10 Comments

My visits at La Maison are always a pure delight, because marvelling in front of outstanding deco objects and pieces of furniture is still one of my greatest pleasures in life. But what I’ve never told you is how these visits shaped my sense of aesthetics thorough time. How I learned to master my own sense of renovation and redecoration, all by myself. Well, almost all by myself, Alice always comes around for a backup check. 








A few days ago, I returned at La Maison to see their newly redecorated dining room and to buy a crystal ornament – seen here – which remained stuck into my mind since the last time I visited them


This chic new wallpaper is everything!!! And the French chest-of-drawers inima-albastru



Lo Spaccio blazer & Pants – Hardot heels 

Phots by Costrut @ La Maison


As I getting back at my office, I was trying to find a place for my new crystal treasure and I surprised myself by thinking very rationally about the place that should welcome my new acquisition. That was the moment I realized that without any formal lesson, my visits, like in an art gallery, were much more than those of a client charmed by a wonderful showroom. My visits at La Maison were like subliminal deco lessons.


5 Deco Lessons I’ve Learned This Year at La Maison


  1. Never, never, never buy impulsively  – if you want to, you can always take that object home, see how it fits in your room and decide after that. Or just wait a few days before buying it. Decorations and furniture have a special role in our life – that of making us feel ‘at home’ and they should be purchased with care and consideration. 


2.  Don’t fill your room with too much stuff. Choose the ones who are fit for every corner and stop when everything is in place. No, we don’t need 10 vases and 9 chairs in one room. #ISometimesDid #NoClutter 


3. Curtains & drapes have to be made from qualitative material. You know, the ones who look lavish and heavy? They will give a precious touch to the whole room, even if the furniture pieces is from more affordable stores. 


4. Reading lamps are so decadent – they’ll enrich every coffee table or night stand.


5. Fuck the rules. I want this whole showroom to be my new home. 


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  1. Wallflower says:

    Chiar ca tapetul acela e everything <3

  2. Gabyyy says:

    Loooove those pants!!!

  3. Fana Stanciu says:

    Eu sunt dezastru la deco, chiar mi-ar placea sa faci mai multe postari de genul, in care sa ne povestesti mai multe 😀

  4. Ilinca says:

    Tinuta de azi e awe-awe-awesome!

  5. Gabriela Ioana says:

    Am fost si eu o data la La Maison si am plecat cu masina plina, e plin de comori acolo

  6. Ciocarlia says:

    Nu esti singura care are o slabiciune pentru decoratiunile interioare si eu eram absolut innebunita si cumparam absolut tot ce imi iesea in cale si imi placea. Pana cand mi-am dat seama ca abia mai am loc in casa de lucruri :)) Deci sunt de acord, sfatul numarul 2 e de aur.

  7. Peach says:

    I love that you’re wearing lingerie instead of a blouse, it’s very chic!

  8. Fashionista says:

    Imi plac pantofii tai de nu mai pot, sunt atat de seducatori & feminini

  9. Beautiful! 😉

  10. PinkyPromise says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous space and that wallpaper looks like a painting!!

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