I`m Cooking Dinner And You`re All Invited

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10 February 2016 / By / 30 Comments









anamorodanmCristina Savulescu dress – Josephine brooch – Tous ring

Photos by Emil Costrut at La Maison


Actually, WE`RE cooking something. Because it`s a team effort.




The Future. We`re cooking the Future. 


Cryptic? Not quite. I`ve given you some insights in the summer. Because we`ve been cooking it since 2014. Don`t ask me why I didn`t invite you all to dinner until now…maybe I didn`t feel confident enough  in my cooking skills? #haha


But the time has come to take it out of the oven. I`m pretty anxious and excited to hear your opinion and as you know, every metaphor I use when I`m talking about something, has to be done properly. So if I`m cooking the Future, of course I`m going to cook it in the most lavishly cooking machine and kitchen ware (you know, I`m a countess and all that #hahaha) : La Cornue & Mauviel  – by the way, I`ve just found out that all the Michelin chefs use La Cornue cooking machines (I only know how to boil eggs but I`m already playing in the big league #blondadeladrept #goals).


And most importantly, I had to find a kitchen that compliments my dress. You know, because THAT`S what is really important in a kitchen. #gen. A custom made kitchen! A custom made kitchen made in Romania – you know how I always get psyched when I see a Romanian product which can stand tall besides all the foreign ones. Well, this one can. And you can produce and personalize any kind of furniture without any restrictions.


So dear all, shall we have a black tie party? An informal one? A white tie? A cocktail? Who knows. And who cares? The menu will be delicious: healthy with a little bit of carbs. Just like the Future. 




Oh, and by the way, my pictorial like photos modjo lost a year ago is back










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  1. Belanii says:

    You are divine, beautiful and so fkin creative! U have not lost your modjo at all! You are like an endless pool of awesome pictorials, spiced with your incredible humor and wit that will for ever remain in history! At least in mine 😀

  2. Laura says:

    white tie,ofcourse!

  3. Timeea says:

    My dream kitchen and my dream cook 😉 superba esti si sunt sigura ca faci niste oua fierte dementiale :))

  4. dolores mia says:

    simply wow, I just love this shoot

  5. Iliescu Mara says:

    Arata senzational bucataria asta! Si cand ma gandesc ca eu intru aici ca vad niste tinute ametioare si ma indragostesc de o bucatarie :))

  6. patricia says:

    can’t wait to see and taste what you’ve been cooking 😉

  7. Veronica M says:

    oh, THAT dress <3

  8. Silvia Leonte says:

    Pozele sunt absolut spectaculoase, parca ma uit la un shooting dintr-o revista internationala, bravo

  9. Raluca Apetrei says:

    Cristina Savulescu face niste rochii wow

  10. emilia says:

    eu stiu si cartofi prajiti, poate gatim impreuna :)))

  11. Bianca Gheorghe says:

    Aragazurile La Cornue sunt un soi de Louboutin pentru chefi :)) ultima poza e superba

  12. karina says:

    even those vegetables look aristo 😉

  13. maria ioana popa says:

    eu n-as putea sa gatesc in bucataria asta, mi-ar fi teama sa nu stric ceva :)) dar mi-ar placea la nebunie sa fie a mea, desi nici cea verde nu-mi displace absolut deloc 😉

  14. Gratzia says:

    Sexy little cook 😉 😉 😉

  15. Sasha V. says:

    Healthy with a little bit of carbs is THE PERFECT MENU 🙂 can’t wait to see it

  16. Valentina says:

    You look gorgeous!

  17. Truta Ionela says:

    Mi-ai facut o pofta nebuna de gatit, desi sunt sigura ca nu asta ti-ai propus :)) Bucataria e de poveste, la fel si rochia ta

  18. la_vita_e_bella says:

    amazing shoot, I love every photo and every detail

  19. Daniella says:

    Vaaaai, cum sunt pozele astea! Trebuie neaparat sa-mi fac asa o sedinta foto, mi se pare senzationala

  20. Stefania Oancea says:

    Viitorul arata spectaculos cu tine 😉

  21. Siri says:

    Black tie of course, we will all look amazing

  22. Creola Z. says:

    Incredibil cum arata legumele alea langa rochia asta spectaculoasa. N-as fi crezut, dar e un match made in heaven 😉

  23. mary marry says:

    awesome photos, kitchens can be so glamorous

  24. Loredana Carmen says:

    Mor dupa rochia asta, e perfecta si arata senzational pe tine. E foarte cool chiar si cu sort :))

  25. Mariana Horea says:

    Boiled eggs here too :)))

  26. cristina gherasim says:

    Sa stii draga Ana ca eu sunt pasionata de gatit si visez la un astfel de aragaz de ceva timp. Talk about dream big :)))

  27. Alexandra says:

    Uau, ce poze!!!!!!

  28. adriana zamfir says:

    Eu mor dupa cinele informale, cred ca asa ne distram cel mai bine

  29. Sorina Pop says:

    You look stunning ❤️❤️

  30. W O W ! Pozele sunt superbe!

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