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29 November 2016 / By / 12 Comments

I still remember my first week in Bucharest, I had a list of places I needed to urgently visit. After years of reading fascinating stories, now I was finally here and ready to see those iconic Belle Epoque buildings live.

Athenee Palace Hilton was number one on my Calea Victoriei list. So many stories, so many eccentric characters had checked in at this iconic hotel…

Dated from the Belle Epoque era, Athenee Palace Hilton was built on the place where Hanul Gherasi once stood. This new marvelous hotel was the meeting point of Europe’s café society and a den for the 007’s of the era. And for the refined connoisseurs of the modern days, it is still one of the most frequented places of Bucharest.




The French Architect Téophile Bradeau designed the hotel and in that era, Athenee Palace was the biggest Art Deco building in the Capital. Heavily ornate furnishings, marble and gold pillars, great glittering chandeliers, and the deep settees placed well back in the recesses of the lounge, as if inviting conspiracy.

‘”Countess” R. G. Waldeck wrote of the hotel in the same era, “Here was the heart of Bucharest, topographically, artistically, intellectually, politically—and, if you like, morally’- A. L. Easterman called it the “most notorious caravanserai in all Europe. …the meeting place of the Continental spies, political conspirators, adventurers, concession hunters, and financial manipulators. “


Athenee Palace Hilton, renovated in 1939



Atenee Palace Hilton – 1915







The Grand Ball Room – Athenee Palace Hilton 1961


Athenee Place Hilton – 1967




Athenee Palace Hilton – 2016

Athenee Palace Hilton Bucuresti - restaurante


The English Bar – Athenee Palace Hilton – 1916


Athenee Palace Hilton 2016




Athenee Palace Hilton – The Bistro – 1956


The first Ferrari parked in front of Athenee Palace Hilton





Cristina Savulescu dresses

Photos by Costrut at Athenee Palace Hilton


In 2005, Athenee Palace Hilton enters in the portofolio of Ana Hotels (the biggest hospitality company in Romania) and becomes an example of high services in our country.


Two years ago I was having a coffee with Mr. Buta in the hotel’s bistro, when beautiful music invaded the hotel’s hallways. It was the moment when Athenee Palace Hilton turned 100 years. One century! A hotel celebrating one century and millions of unforgettable moments lived within its chambers…Well, like always, and like everything that comes from the past, this moment got me all emotional. I cried. I had to endure Buta’s mockery for one week. ONE WEEK. But between you and me, it was worth it! I was there when Athenee Palace Hilton celebrated 100 years. For one brief moment, I could see Josephine Baker, Luisa Casati, Nicolae Malaxa, Martha Bibescu and Anna de Noailles walking its hallways, laughing, partying and being all glamorous…


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  1. LaviLavender says:

    Doamne, ce loc! Nici nu stiam ca exista asa ceva in Bucuresti :O

  2. Daralina says:

    Ce moment superb ai prins acolo, aniversarea de 100 de ani, ce coincidenta frumoasa <3

  3. Taylor says:

    This post is amazingly gorgeous!!!!

  4. Nami Georgiana says:

    Vai, Cristina Savulescu e o zeita<3

  5. Petra Diana Voinea says:

    Am stat un weekend la Hilton, a fost superb. Sincer, asa hotel frumos nu am vazut nici in strainatate.

  6. Ladybaba says:

    Ana, iti sta minunat in rochia asta aurie, culoarea te prinde minunat

  7. Oprea Claudia says:

    That first photo… damn girl!!!

  8. Mary! says:

    Can’t decide what’s more beautiful, the hotel or your dress? 🙂 #InLove

  9. Andaleasa says:

    Imi place foarte mult cum ai adaugat poze vintage in postare, face locul sa para si mai magic

  10. Sara says:

    Omg, deci rochia neagra iti sta… :O

  11. Byanca says:

    You look amazing :X

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