Why It’s Better to be Happy Than Well Dressed

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2 April 2017 / By / 10 Comments

No, no, no! Don’t think it! I am NOT a hypocrite and that is not my thing. Maybe you mistake me, though, for another lady who bashes other women online only to then accuse others for not being feminists. But honey, I’m a natural brunette. You are clearly mistaking us.

However, I know what you are going to say, I can see the fumes in my crystal ball:  “Yeah, you speak about not caring for fashion yet you’re always dressed nicely, it’s so easy for you.”

Well it is, ladies. But only in my good days, which are getting fewer and fewer by the month. And do not even get me started about the other days…





However, there is one thing that’s been constantly popping up in my mind lately, whenever someone asks me about fashion and style.


Why do we care that much?  


Sure, I say this today, after years of getting familiar with the fashion industry, after years of owning tons of items, after years of changing at least 3 outfits a day – sure, drawing conclusions is easy. So I understand where you are coming from, but believe me, it’s exactly this that gave me clarity, in order to see things more clearly.





Even today, I own a sh*tload of clothes: nightdresses, jeans (yes, believe it or not, I own jeans), cocktail dresses, sheer kimonos, every accessory imaginable (cca. 400 pieces of statement jewellery). My abode may be for some the very definition of wonderland. But not for me, not anymore at least.

And now I know it was meant to be like this. I was meant to have it all just to realise it doesn’t really matter. I think this is life’s favourite game with us, mortals.




Morodan Shop brooches & coat (available in our showroom) & Body Chain embellished tights 

Photos by Mihail Onaca


But this is it, I’m focusing my energy in another direction. I want to live and enjoy other things: beautiful experiences, seeing and learning cultural wonders, evolving harmoniously and healthily in my own body and — every once in a while — finding one piece of clothing which looks like a fairy tale and makes a statement. Like this Morodan Shop coat I’m wearing today in this metaphor about me burying my old self. Because that is the metaphor. Did you get it? Was it easily discernible? Because Costrut always says I’m way too cryptic.


So, God help me succeed, because I always was one great theoretician in this area but a below average practician. 



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  1. mina says:

    Ador paltonul asta ❤️

  2. andrada meres says:

    Can’t wait to feel like you one day 🙁 I’m still very much obsessed about clothes and I don’t know how to stop it

  3. gina bulina says:

    ce poze (&metafora) frumoasa 🙂

  4. dana says:

    Stiu ca postarea asta e despre altceva, dar damn trebuie sa trec pe la showroom sa vad paltonul asta <3

  5. virginia says:

    Am invatat pe propria piele ca fericirea nu trebuie sa depinda de obiecte sau de bani, ai mare dreptate

  6. Feli says:

    These shots are stunning!

  7. rodica says:

    Eu ma simt sufocata atunci cand am prea multe lucruri in jur :)) #LessIsMore

  8. Caroline says:

    we always learn the most important lessons from our own experience 🙂 if someone told you some years ago that clothes don’t really matter, you probably wouldn’t have listened. and everyone works like that. i guess that’s how we’re programmed as humans 🙂

  9. nnena says:

    you are so so so beautiful ✨

  10. Amazing photos!

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