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Hola people,

We interrupt the daily programming (which has recently been “working on our new Morodan Shop” every time) to let you know that Ana — recte me, cause eu scriu aici, acum la 1.05 in noapte — has received a cult product to giveaway. One I have been using for a few years now — of which I am OH SO FOND because of all these things right here.


Crème Riche Hydratante Ensures intensive moisturizing thanks to its triple action – natural Wheat Proteins and Hyaluronic Acid capture and fix moisture, sweet almond oil and beeswax reconstitute the skin’s protective barrier, and Antioxidant Vitamins A, E and F stimulate cell renewal. The fine lines caused by dehydration and the feeling of tautness disappear; the skin is repaired, supple and elastic, smooth and soft. The creamy texture is soothing, providing immediate and lasting comfort. And all these are tested from everyone from Oprah to the Kardashians or even Demna Gvasalia (if you are a new age fashionista and need validation from one ‘hip’ designer).


I’ve been using it for two years as a foundation base and I — mind you, I’m no makeup artist — love it! I feel like my foundations just glide over it so smoothly, perfect for that porcelain/poreless effect. But what is more important is that you can test it for yourself!


will each win one
Embryolisse Crème Riche Hydratante

All you have to do is comment whether or not Romania needs to protect its forests, and what you are planning to do about it. We’ll pick a winner on Monday, with the use of True Random Generator, as you are well accustomed by the internet by now.


Good luckkk, ladies! Gotta go and get some more grey hairs, Morodan Shop is proving to be one tough cookie.




Jiana and Denise, please send us your contact, you’ve just WON!

Congratulations ladies! inima-albastru


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  1. Monica says:

    Forests should be a priority for us all and not only let politicians decide. We all have a voice and can and should make ourselved heard to stop deforestation. The least we could all do is call 112 whenever we see trucks carrying logs and check whether that shipment is authorised or not. Be informed, read the news, act, not only react (often when it’s too late) and last but not least…VOTE!

  2. Andreea says:

    We should definitely protect our forests, they are such an important part of our ecosystem. Until we get comprehensive laws, and more importantly a government that truly reinforces them, we need to raise awareness about the damage that deforestation brings on the long term. On a more hands on approach, I will try and get involved in more voluntary work with planting campaigns that started to take place on a more regular basis.

  3. Elena says:

    We should protect our forests. We should plant trees, we should try to prevent the people who cut the forests and most important thing we can do is ti teach the children and young people the benefits of the forest in the world.

  4. Cristina Raduta says:

    The forest of Romania should be protected because I would like to run besides my children in nature not only in concrete. In order to see that coming I’ll buy today 2 trees and plant them at my grandma’s house…it’s a beginning! Regards!

  5. Monica Popescu says:

    Forests give us life, of course they need protecting. What I’m doing about it? Not littering, recycling my paper, making sure I’m not using more paper that I need to.

  6. Carmen says:

    We should definitely protect and respect out remaining forests as they are our future on this earth. What i did and tried to do still is support organizations that replant trees: Tasuleasa social, Cert Transilvania, etc.
    To anyone who’s reading this i recommend the movie “before the flood” with Leo di Caprio. It’s life changing.
    Hugs to all <3

  7. Carmen says:

    Of course we do! I for one have always volunteered whenever there were such actions, of planting trees or cleaning the nature and I plan on doing it as often as I can.

  8. Adelina Popa says:

    Eu una ma mut in curand la casa, si imi propun sa plantez cati copaci/pomi/tufe/plante imi permite gradina. Poate nu pare mult, dar daca am face asta cu totii, daca am planta cel putin un copac in gradina, cred ca impactul ar fi sesizabil.

  9. Magda Oltean says:

    Cred ca mai greu cu protejatul pana nu avem legislatia asa cum trebuie care sa ne permita sa protejam padurile. In schimb as planta copaci cat mai multi ca sa ajut in felul acesta. Si nu as face mare caz din asta, as merge pur si simplu si as planta cat mai multi copaci. Daca e vreo organizatie care mi-ar accepta ajutorul si as face-o in cadrul acestora, e si asta o varianta ok pentru mine. Pe langa faptul ca nu arunc desuri si nu distrug natura, as incerca sa o inmultesc sanatos.

  10. Mara says:

    I love the fact that you care about these things! I try to use as little paper as possible, and plastic too, so I create as little waste as possible 🙂

  11. Madalina Mau says:

    It’s not exactly about the forests, however one year ago I sold my car and have been going everywhere by bike or public transportation since then!

  12. Misu Calina says:

    Romania should really care more about its forests. I really want to get involved in projects that plant trees

  13. Dalina says:

    We do, we definitely do! Whenever I go to the woods I start picking up the trash others left behind :\

  14. Gina says:

    The Romanian people are real ignorants when it comes to our forests and that sucks. I for one, think that only proper education will change this attitude. I recycle!

  15. danutza says:

    The next time someone wants to cut down a forest I will tie myself to a tree!!!

  16. Anamaria T says:

    Yes, we should definitely protect our forests.
    What do I do for this? I don’t leave garbage behind me and (last year) I planted a tree.

  17. PrincessC says:

    Recycling is key. I currently live in the UK and learned how to do it properly. The impact on the environment is huge. It is a matter of education and discipline – but I have faith that younger, informed generations can and will do it!

  18. Vastea Delia says:

    In primul rând, educând-mi copilul in spiritul asta! Doar prin puterea exemplului vom reuși sa schimbam ceva! Nu doar Vorbindu-le copiilor noștri vom putea sa ne salvam pădurile ci și plimbându-i des prin ele, învățându-i sa le iubească și sa le respecte. Nu ne vom mai mira când copii noștri vor alege in timpul liber sa culeagă peturi și mizerii, când vor critica tăierea masiva in cercul de prieteni sau când pur și simplu vor alege sa participe la acțiuni de reîmpădurire sau vor milita împotriva tăierilor masive. Ieșim din starea de amorțeala și minte slaba!

  19. Madison says:

    I’ve been sepparating my trash and recycling since 2011.

  20. Daiana Madalina says:

    I think Romania should create laws that protect the forests and force people to recycle more… that’s what would really help our current situation. What you do on your own matters too, for sure. I always participate when there are planting actions.

  21. Fanica says:

    Forests deserve respect! I never leave trash behind and always yell at people who do 😀

  22. Levantica says:

    I filled my garden with trees last spring! This year they’re blooming nicely 🙂

  23. laura m says:

    Quality over quantity, always 🙂 I love gardening, so I take the best care of the greens in my garden

  24. kiki says:

    I’ve been teaching my 3 year old to always respect the nature, never to rip leaves or plants out like many other kids do and to never throw trash on the ground

  25. Dada.L says:

    Eu as vrea sa incerc sa influentez autoritatile sa sesizeze nevoia de o legislatie care sa protejeze natura… ca noi degeaba ne batem gura, ca lor li se rupe, pardon my french…

  26. Gabriela Maco says:

    De cand au pus automatele acelea in mall-uri, mereu reciclez tot plasticul si hartia 😀

  27. minnie says:

    I think the authorities should care so much more about nature. Yet what they care about are Easter decorations and buying the biggest church bell in Europe 😐

  28. viri says:

    Daca as fi bogata, as cumpara cat mai multe paduri, pentru a le pastra asa cum sunt.

  29. fashionista says:

    Recycle, recycle, recycle!! I couldn’t say that often enough!!!

  30. mandala says:

    I adopted 3 cats and 2 dogs, does that count for anything? :))

  31. zuzu says:

    Eu imi incurajez elevii si le dau un 10 celor care vin cu mine la actiuni de impadurire. Unii spun ca nu e ok, dar eu consider ca decat sa le dau de facut un proiect si ei sa dea copy paste de pe wikipedia, e mult mai bine atat pentru ei cat si pentru natura asa.

  32. Nicole Ivan says:

    Sa nu mai facem atat de multa risipa la hartie.In birouri, administratie,primarie,notariate,fie ca este mediu privat sau bugetar in momentul cand se greseste imediat se rupe hartia, se imprima diverse si se constata ca nu era necesar si apoi se arunca la cos. asa distrugem si aruncam topuri intregi.ruptul colilor devine sport sangeros . Poate ce am scris suna “aaa s-a trezit sa scrie despre hartia care se arunca” da, doamnelor si domnilor trebuie pornit de la un lucrul marunt pentru a face un bine acestei planete si implicit noua. este la fel cu o ora stingem lumina si aparatura electrica . Cu stima si inalti ca brazii am fost odata.

  33. mada says:

    Love you for raising awareness for nature!

  34. catalinaaa says:

    To be honest I haven’t done anything for the forests lately, however it was one of my resolutions, so I’m doing my best at starting out!

  35. marta says:

    I’ve been out to planting trees meetups every year for the past 5 😀

  36. Denise says:

    Padurile sunt “aurul” Verde al tarii noastre….si sursa necesara de viata! Ma ingrozeste sa vad cum dispar gratuit la austrieci…care btw isi protejeaza fiecare fir de iarba!!! Eu de fiecare data cand ajung in zone montane si vad camioane care transporta lemne sun la nr de control pt a verifica daca transportul este legal sau nu…. Stiu ca multe dintre ele sunt cu acte in regula, din pacate…dar macar le pun bete in roate! Si daca am fi mai multi dintre noi care am face asta am incepe sa ridicam niste semne de intrebare…si incet incet am deveni o forta in a.i stopa! De asemenea am participat la diverse actiuni de strangerea gunoaielor sau la plantarea de copacei. Sharing is caring! In Romania este nervoie urgenta de educatie…trebuie sa invete fiecare dintre noi sa iubeasca si sa protejeze natura!

  37. Alina Florina says:

    Sincer,îmi vine să plâng când văd camioanele, tirurile pline cu lemne ce trec pe strada, de unde atât de multă libertate? De ce ei au voie,iar noi nu putem tăia din propriile păduri, am avut o iarna oribila am plătit factura de curent electric de ni s-a acrit, cum se poate sa ne vindem în halul asta pădurile, îmi este mila de tara asta,îmi este mila de pământul acesta pe care nu vrea să-l mai muncească nimeni, ptr ca e mai ușor sa cumperi din supermarket, haideți oameni buni sa nu mai închidem ochii ,sa nu ne mai vindem pământurile lăsate moștenire de săracii bunici care au reușit cu greu să-l dobândească…păcat de țara asta ca e locuită de leneși, hoți și trădători. păcat!

    • Alina Florina says:

      As da interdicție sa nu iasă bat de lemn din tara asta, pui de străin sa nu mai pună mâna pe avuția tarii noastre.

  38. violeta v says:

    ma doare sufletul cand vad cat de haotic se taie copacii nostri si nu se planteaza nimic in loc, eu una as obliga pe cei care taie , macar sa planteze in loc daca nu suntem in stare sa le interzicem

  39. Jiana says:

    Eu tin mult la natura si cred ca ar trebui sa irosim mai putina hartie. De multe ori lumea cere lucruri printate care nu au nici un sens, brief-uri, proiecte, etc, cand toti avem oricum mail si am putea conversa acolo. La fel si cu ambalajele, multe sunt atat de complicate si irosesc enorm de multa hartie si plastic.

  40. Mariuca Potnea says:

    Da! Evident ca ar trebui sa ne pese! Dar mi se par cumva in van toate eforturile noastre cat timp conducerea isi bate joc si se prefac ca nu stiu si nu vad toate taierile ilegale care se intampla la noi in tara…

  41. Amanda Ami says:

    De cand a aparut posibilitatea la noi, desi e putin mai greu, mereu imi sortez gunoiul si ma duc la cetrele de colectare speciale ca sa reciclez 🙂

  42. darla says:

    Eu merg cat de des pot cu bicicleta si irosesc cat de putin plastic & hartie cu putinta!

  43. hannah says:

    I think we should care more and stop leaving trash wherever we go. That drives me insane. You can’t go anywhere in a forest lately without stumbling on trash, trash and more trash 😐

  44. Valentina says:

    There would not be any Eminescu without any codru. SO, protect the forests, we need poetry, fancy food and sex. And all these can be done so well in the woods. I myself have already planted one tree this year. So little, but so much comparing with nothing. Kitz kitz for Fritz

  45. Alina N says:

    We’re definitely NOT doing enough! Investing some funds into educating the population, rewarding good behavior, tougher criminal penalties for those who cut down trees illegally, a control body to see how forests are administered and how tree cutting is approved but mostly all of us working together as a large community united by our common goal to protect it now while we still have it. Also, planting new trees as part of community programs.

  46. porumb maria says:

    I’ve been sepparating my trash and recycling

  47. Alex F says:

    Romania trebuie sa-si protejeze padurile. Mi se pare grozava aplicatia prin care poti verifica orice transport cu lemne peste care dai in trafic, in drum spre munte, spre exemplu. Poti verifica legitimitatea acelui transport, daca este sau nu ilegal si, daca este ilegal, poti suna mai departe la politie.

  48. Mihaela says:

    Minimizez cat mai mult folosirea fara rost a hartiei si militez pe unde pot pentru comportamentil responsabul(adica strans gunoaiele dupa noi si reciclat cat mai mult posibil).

  49. Ioana Scumpu says:

    We should surely protect our forests. The dumbheads who think Avatar is about another planet are dumb. Plant trees is what we should do, and the force will be with us. But the force is smarter and minds its own business, somewhere around much educated and considerate people that are not killing their trees.

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