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29 March 2017 / By / 7 Comments

Liu Jo outfit from Unic Brands

Photo by Costrut


NEW OBSESSION ALERT! I’m watching FEUD right now, and ladies, it’s giving me life! Great intro animation, wonderful sets, incredibly talented actresses. Everything is jaw-dropping. And, as an added bonus (that’s really alluring to me) the plot gravitates around two crazy middle-aged women. #dead

“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” co-staring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, two of the most prolific actresses in the history of Hollywood, had a famous feud while shooting the 1962 film, played brilliantly by Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon. 


I am ecstaticccc! Fingers crossed that I’ll be just as batshit! inima-albastru



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  1. daya says:

    Nu am auzit de serial, o sa il caaaut 😀

  2. sweet_velvet says:

    de unde sunt brosele? :O

  3. madaleena says:

    De cand imi caut un trench coar fix cum e asta al tau… <3

  4. ama says:

    Iti ador tinuta!

  5. Danutza says:

    Jessica Lange is life!!!!

  6. marina_diamante says:

    oooh, iti ador brosele si trenchul, superbe

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