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23 March 2014 / By / 14 Comments

close up n ana

green dress

beautiful ana

I am wearing an Elena Perseil dress, H&M trench and a vintage reticule

© Serban Cristea



This was me, for the Morodan Day column on Molecule F a few weeks ago.

Although I don’t dress as vintagely like as I did a few year ago, I’m still a lover of all things that keep a certain mystery or proof of a different era. Here’s an evidence of my latest vintage compact I received a few days ago. Beautiful and special isn’t it?

Now, based on the assumption that vintage objects have a special, feminine, mysterious vibe, I still find it awesome to put on a mid-century lady like outfit and stroll around my favorite places in the city, from time to time. Most of the times these places are old buildings, castles or summer gardens with a gothic touch.

People were different then, their lifestyle was different, more refined and sophisticated, the way they were behaving with each other…everything  had this special poetry that could be felt everywhere.





.I sometimes pretend to live in another era. It helps me clear my mind and get a fresh restart from the daily routine.

Drinking tea from a plate cup, being held the door, speaking politely, using a reticule when going at the market, sleeping in a night gown, even powdering my face from this compact are small details that make me feel special and make my days much more positive and…happy!








Anetta Vintageetta

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  1. Rona says:

    Beautiful dress and lovely style 🙂

    Dress To Cook

  2. Juliette Williamson says:

    those times were charming, so so special…

  3. Delia says:

    gentuta este superba!

  4. Fete Fine says:

    ador ca iubesti vremuri acelea, este unul din motivele pentru care te urmaresc cu atata drag Ana!

  5. vera says:

    imi place look-ul tau 🙂 este cu adevarat evocator al acelei epoci <3

  6. X RUX says:


  7. tatiana miron says:

    rochia de la Elena Perseil este foarte pe gustul meu 🙂 mi se pare formidabila pofta ta de a reinvia valorile acelei perioade, si te admir pentru asta! grozava contesa!

  8. Suflet de Vioara says:

    aahhh….ce poveste insirationala!
    😀 loved your trick! cateodata ma inspira si pe mine cate un personaj si fara sa vreau preiau ceva din stilul acelor vremuri! i love it!

  9. zizi girl says:

    hmmm is this trench from the SS h&m collection??? liking it!

  10. Skinny Mary says:

    beautiful, just like a dream!

  11. Zina Cool says:

    dap, cred ca viata este mai frumoasa daca o traim ca pe o poveste, foarte dragut


    oh, how i wish i had lived in those times…

  13. bebe says:

    esti geniala, chiar m-ai inspirat :)))

  14. Soos Cristina says:

    This is why I L<3ve You !!! You are so different
    Big like for the dress 😉
    Bisou Anetta :*

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