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I did not die, stop dancing on the table. I’ve been just tremendously busy organizing my…chic habits for this Spring and had some serious bureaucratic work to do, a style conference, 2 tv shows that I’m go going to show you soon and a secret project that I can’t wait to tell you all about. And some 6 dozens emails. So we can say that it’s been hectic but do not panic fellow men women, I am back and here to stay so go take a Xanax and buckle up.



ana and paisi

paisi furs

paisi and ana

ana going at paisi

ana loves paisi

ana morodan

ana at paisi

anetaPaisi fur, H&M blouse, Weekend tee, vintage skirt, Celine bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, & Other Stories heels

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



As mentioned in the very inspired paragraph above, I’ve developed some chic habits for this Spring because yes, I am in a constant search for developing elegant attitudes, a classy lifestyle and a refined way of behaving. I think this should be far more important for us than being fashionable.


 .Therefore, here it is – My 2.0 small guide to `chic`


  • Sound beautiful and polite – always, always, alwayssss  and regardless the situation watch your manners and the way you speak. Build your personality as elegantly as possible, be a reference for your friends. For me this is a peak for having style.
  • Learn to have a good posture and be graceful – correct your posture. Graceful people don’t slouch!
  •  Start living glamorously not for what others might say but for yourselfwear fur in Spring, in an edgy outfit and take your furs to a Fur Spa – Dita von Teese once said that she takes inspiration from old Hollywood stars because nowadays all women look the same. Bullseye! This argument went straight to my mind&heart! I don’t want to be ordinary.
  • Make yourself smarter – You think you know it all? Try living with a live encyclopedia like Serban I think it’s really important to make time to watch movies, read new books, read about what is happening in the world now, go to the theater and so on. Valuable people are always sapiosexuals.
  • Less is more – wear not expensive but quality clothes. In the elegant and refined world it was never about quantity but about quality. So this Spring I’m going to focus on building a wardrobe and style that breathes mystery, refinement and sophistication and lately, I’ve learned that doing this is actually pretty simple. We’ll talk more on this subject soon
  • Unfollow the herd – stop doing what the majority does, you’ll just be one of the many. Focus on the extraordinary – like I said, take your furs to a Fur SpaPaisi developed this service and besides being so chic, it’s actually pretty helpful, buy a beautiful cake, dress in a long glamorous gown and take your lover to a picnic in the park, during midday, read poems during your dinner parties or attend dancing classes or book clubs. Life is about small moments that build big stories. Our stories!



I’m determined to become a modern and a bit moderate Luisa Casati  and I’m going to start here.






Le petit dracusor


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  1. Loove your tips 🙂
    My favourite one: unfollow the herd. That’s what you do, that’s why we like you so much 🙂


  2. Juliette Williamson says:

    hmmm i have never heard of such a thing, this fur spa concept really sounds great, we should enjoy life more!

  3. Floarea says:

    splendida tinuta!

  4. gina ruxandra says:

    alegerile pe care le faci pentru tine sunt atat de ibspirationale Ana! neasteptata si minunata combibatia de haine si accesorii, imi place mult

  5. Cu Stil says:

    esti geniala!!!!!

  6. Mura & Mura says:

    un set de valori foarte sanatos, ar trebui sa luam aminte. ce lume frumoasa ar fi daca am avea grija de manierele noastre, si daca ne-am cultiva obiceiul de a citi, de a lua contact cu cultura…

  7. geo says:

    mor de drag dupa listele tale, sunt chiar utile!

  8. raluca cea chic says:

    ei, de citit poezii nu cred ca voi fi vreodata capabila :)))) dar la Fur Spa ce-as mai merge!!!

  9. LULU says:

    uuu a wardrobe that breathes mystery, and sophistication 🙂 i need that in my life 🙂

  10. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    dita is so cool!

  11. Julia Constantin says:

    arati superb, admir stilul tau din ce in ce mai mult

  12. Time For Style says:

    your bag and your sandals are purrrfect!

  13. eremia says:

    totally the word of day 🙂 ubfollow the herd! ai zis ceva ce trebuia zis…

  14. bebe says:

    less is more, always! someone said that only intelligent people can adopt a minimalist style, and i think hat is so true!

  15. hermina toma says:

    ce look scolaresc upgradat! love it!

  16. C.L. says:

    my dear modern luisa casati <3 <3 <3 luv you!

  17. wanda smith says:

    now you’ve got me wondering, what more can you do?! can’t wait for your new surprise project 🙂 you are so inspiring Ana!

  18. Zina Cool says:

    foarte frumoase fotografiile! si tu … si mai frumoasa!

  19. Ilinca says:

    este atat de important sa ne inconjuram cu oameni de la care avem de invatat, dar pentru asta trebuie sa ai curaj! loved your post today, cu adevarat pe sufletul meu

  20. Larisa says:

    Buna,ce aparat de fotogeafiat ai folosit pentru sedinta aceasta foto :)?

  21. Ella says:

    Frumoasa tinuta.

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