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2 April 2014 / By / 32 Comments

black dress



While uploading this photo I thought of leaving  just this one in this post and tell you to imagine what I wanted to say today. To use it like a symbol. Ahhhaa, great idea, I should do this sometimes. A little mystery is always an awesome idea, don’t you think? Ok, I’ll stop getting excited over my own ideas, it’s not elegant.


I used a metaphor instead – Beautik Haute Parfumerie invited me to show you my favorite perfume house from their portfolio and my first thought was “I should take pictures of myself next to the pink trees, it will be like I’m gathering their perfume in a huge bottle so that the whole world could smell the nature coming alive”


Universe to Ana: Thought accomplished – see below



ana looking aesome

ana having fun

double ana

close up


black dress and ana

ana at beautikI am wearing the H&M Conscious Exclusive IT dress and earrings – the collection will be available in stores starting with the 10th of April

Also, I am loving it do death, so expect a few more posts wearing this beautiful dress

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev





You have figured it out by now –  Molinard is my favorite perfume house at the moment.

Over the past months, you know, I told you that I’ve become more interested in learning elegant manners, talking politely, learning how to be refined and sophisticated rather than fashionable. Oh, well, the power of the perfectly picked perfume was constantly popping out of every book or magazine article on the subjects above until it hit me!

Just like it is said (and certified by yours truly) that love is felt in the stomach/goes trough our belly (meaning “dragostea trece prin stormac” I don’t know how to say that in English), seduction is based on vibes, feelings and perception and not so much on expensive clothes.

And here’s  another certified thing (which for a huge period of time I considered to be a foolish saying) –  “If you wear the right underwear or a perfume that gives you a special state of mind when sensing it, it doesn’t matter if you are dressed in the most basic black tee, you’ll feel seductive and powerful”

Since “the right underwear” is most of the times out of the question when it comes to my big boobs, the next on the list is the right perfume. And for that, I always found the perfect advisors at Beautik Haute Parfumerie.


The Universe is my witness, as you grow old you start realizing that all the cliches become cliches because they really work for so many people.



Style tricks

 My 4 top weapons for feeling confident and powerful

  • red lipstick


  • a killer accessory – just one – most of the times it’s not even a big one but it’s the right amount of sass that can upgrade my basic outfit in a sec


  • believing that I am special in my own way and being super self confident (attention- not arrogant, just self confident)




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Morodanetta Parfumetta

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  1. Gizas Ana, can you take a bad picture? So extremely jealous right now, breathtaking surroundings. 🙂


    Pssst: Giveaway – Win 1 Glossybox with 8 hand picked luxury beauty products and one goodie.

  2. Anamaria1086 says:

    Rochia este din seria To die for it si nu puteai sa o pui mai bine in evidenta decat, in livada cu pomi infloriti.
    Un barbat mi-a povestit o data ca, o femeie care se iubeste si se simte bine in piele ei radiaza dintr-o mie, fie ea imbracata si intr-un sac de rafie.
    Si cam avea dreptate, ca-s fix genul ala de femei dupa care intorc capul si barbatii si femeile.

  3. Anaivilo says:

    Oh that dress is truly fantastic and you look amazing in it! I really love the background 😉

  4. La Famme says:

    you are just like a fairy in a fairytale…

  5. Kira Ioana says:

    sunt uimita! rochia ta este foarte frumoasa, iar accesoriile mai alese ca oricand!

  6. Hera Anastasia Ciuntea says:

    ador copacii infloriti 😉 frumos decor

  7. Chic&Chic says:

    hello darling,

    i just what to say that I am so inlove with Molinard, it is in my top three list <3
    love it when someone i admire wears it! makes me feel even more special!

    kisses and hugs

  8. Highschool Style says:

    pozle 6 si 7 sunt preferatele mele, imi dau o stare de bine incredibila 🙂

  9. Princess says:

    how i wish i had a giant bottle full of my favourite perfume like you!!!
    this perfume reminds me of my mother, i wear it with such pleasure…

  10. Special Vintage says:

    your attitude tricks are the best ever!

  11. eremia says:

    you are hot right now, yes!

  12. Cicilina says:

    nice haircut LOVE

  13. Silvia&Zina says:

    superba rochia h&m superbaaaaaa

  14. Elenush says:

    m-am indragostit <3 arati ca un vis frumos 🙂

  15. vio says:

    gorgeous !!!!

  16. Juliette's Dress says:

    oh…this dress…the perfume…great post today, really made my day, and also gave me some ideas of what to do with my salary :)))) hihi 🙂

  17. question everything says:

    yes to your haircut! and earring! wow

  18. Danutza says:

    esti un exemplu de urmat, fiica-mea se pregateste pentru balul de absolvire si aveam o mare disputa pe tema vestimentatiei. ne-am calmat odata ce te-am vazut, this is it <3

  19. Lina Maria says:

    dar cred ca si impreuna fac treaba bune, lenjeria si parfumul. si increderea de sine, normal 🙂

  20. Fashion Today says:

    a fashionista MUST wear a great perfume, and Beautik Haute Parfumerie is such a nice place to find it, i am glad you think so too dear

  21. We Have Style says:

    hello hello,
    very well put kitten, there is such a refined difference between being self confident and becoming an arrogant bitch. love you for knowing that, for your lovely personality and style. ok, enough with the syrup, miss you so much
    (laura tenea)

  22. Bum Bum Carmen says:

    ah! parfumul meu preferat! trebuia sa zic caci e o mare onoare sa aflu ca iti place!

  23. Cristina says:

    “Over the past months, you know, I told you that I’ve become more interested in learning elegant manners, talking politely, learning how to be refined and sophisticated rather than fashionable.” Cum o faci? Citesti ceva? Te inspiri de la cineva care este deja eleganta/manierata/sofisticata ?

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Da, in permanenta. Citesc despre regulile de politete din perioada interbelica, despre tot felul de personaje feminine laudate pentru manierele lor and so on 🙂 Acum imi caut o prefesoara de maniere 🙂

      • Cristina says:

        Multumesc pentru raspuns, esti foarte draguta. Poti sa recomanzi ceva ce te-a inspirat? Privind pozele si mesajul pe care-l transmit tare mi-as dori sa primesc ceva mai multa inpiratie si informatiii. Merci

  24. Luna says:

    you seem like a tiny princess lost in dream, a very nice an perfumed one

  25. Creative Style says:

    stupendous :****

  26. Pimp my look says:

    always a special content, that’s why i follow your blog, both images and words darl’ 🙂

  27. Rise & Shine says:

    must have this dress!!

  28. Fete Fine says:

    daaa vrem sa ne impartasesti si noua din sursele tale, eu una imi doresc sa imi inbunatatesc bunele maniere

  29. Alexandra says:

    You’re gorgeous and the dress is amazing. Do you have any clues concerning the price tag?

  30. georgeta vlascianu says:

    Toate fotografiile sint minunate
    Vorba lui Baudelaire —parfum,culoare,sunet,se leaga ca-ntr-o unda—

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